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School Concert: Bach Double Concerto [1976]

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Video Identifier: V.2011-05-0482
Run Time
0h 14m 21s
Date Produced
This video represents a partial recording of a ballet school--perhaps the Ruth Page Foundation School of Dance--dance recital.  The original box indicates it was recorded in 1976.  The student performers wear practice clothes (and pointe shoes; they are advanced students), and there are no sets surrounding the performance.
The video begins with a shot of a group of six female dancers performing an ensemble dance in a row (seemingly shot from the balcony).  The video then blacks out for several moments, and when it returns the dancers have changed formation, dancing in two rows of three that sometimes blend into a circle.  Next, they form couples and then fade back into rows, dancing one row at a time or simultaeously but with different choreography.  After returning to a circle briefly, the dancers move through more rectangular formations, diagonal lines, and so on.  They eventually make their way back to the original row, at which point the choreography echoes the opening.  This leads to more dancing in a circle, which eventually fans out into a line.  

After awhile, a male dancer appears and begins dancing with one of the six women while the rest stand in a row.  When they complete their pas de deux, the couple stands posed while the other five dance as an ensemble again.  This is followed by another switch; the five stand posed while the couple dances together.  Eventually, they exit and leave the five alone onstage to continue their dance, which they do in two groups.  Soon after they reunite, the couple returns and commands attention once again.  The group continues to dance  behind them, and eventually the female from the couple breaks away and returns to the group while the male dancer performs a solo in front of them.  Next, the women stand in a wide circle, surrounding the man at center, and take turns running towards him for momentary partnering before returning to their places in the circle.  His original female partner stays with him and they launch into a final pas de deux while the other five dance in a semicircle behind them.  All then strike a final pose, which they hold for several moments (the sound fades out so it is unclear whether or not audience applause occurs.)  The video ends there.
Additional Credits
Bach, Johann Sebastian (is composer)