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Ruth Page Birthday No. 14 [March 22, 1985]

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Video Identifier: V.2011-05-0566
Run Time
0h 18m 42s
Date Produced
March 22 1985
     A slide lecture on dance history presented by Ruth Page for students at the Chicago Academy for the Arts, on March 22, 1985, her 86th birthday. She is introduced by former Page dancer, Orrin Kayan, then an instructor in dance at the Academy.

     Ruth Page opens with a reminiscence of Anna Pavlova as the inspiration of her dancing career, and suggests the theme of her lecture will be choreography and where the ideas come from. While most of Miss Page's references are to the slides in the presentation, they are largely indiscernible on this videotape.

     Among the dance artists, dances, ballets and related subjects discussed are: Anna Pavlova and dances in her repertoire; Serge Diaghilev and his Ballet Russe; The Birthday of the Infanta; Adolph Bolm; Rudolf Nureyev in Prince Igor; the difficulty of recording ballets; Enrico Cecchetti; Ruth Page in the "perfect arabesque"; Peter Pan; The Flapper and the Ouarterback; creating Americana; Ruth Page's tour to Japan and the Orient, 1928-29; Balinese dance; choreographing for the Ravinia Opera Ballet; Cinderella; the importance of costuming; Tropic; Possessed; Expanding Universe; dancing with Harald Kreutzberg.
Related Place
Chicago (production location of)