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1950 (circa): Boston Family Vacation

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Film Identifier: F.2010-08-0014
Run Time
0h 3m 11s
Date Produced
circa 1950
The footage depicts a family on vacation, relaxing in a sunny beach town. It features, an ocean, sailboats in a harbor, men smoking in chairs, children playing with a swing set and in the sand. This leisurely sequence of landscape outtakes and family moments are accompanied by footage of other recreational scenes in Boston, MA, where the family visits the Colonel William Prescott statue located at the Bunker Hill monument.
The film opens up to a landscape pan of a beach, the camera continues to pan to find three men sitting in chairs on the beach, a statue of an eagle can also be seen. This shot is followed by a sequence of landscape views of the beach, sailboats gliding across the harbor, dark trees and the Spanish colonial architecture nearby.
The next sequence includes children swinging on a swing set being pushed by their mother. These shots are followed by children playing in the sand on the beach.

The film then switches to show the family’s trip to Boston. The children are seen posing, smiling and waving at the camera in front of the Colonel William Prescott statue located at the Bunker Hill monument. The film concludes with a women walking towards camera shading her face from the sun.
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