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1941 circa: [Skeeter Slumber Party - Pony Rides]

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Run Time
0h 8m 3s
color and B&W
Date Produced
circa 1941
Silent home movies that feature four sisters performatively posing, playing outside and enjoying carnival rides together, sometimes including their parents and other children.
Four sisters pick tulips in a garden. The girls pose indoors, curtsying, laughing, and waving their fingers at the camera, while taking turns dressing up in costumes.

With a golf course in the background, a man leads a small trained monkey through a series of tricks, including walking on its front hands, doing summersaults, swinging a golf club at a ball, sitting in a tiny rocking chair, and playing a toy piano. The scene shifts to the sisters riding see-saws, descending slides and swinging on swings, the golf course still in the background.
On separate days, various sequences display the girls riding ponies around a corral, riding a merry-go-round on horses at the “Pony Rides” site, riding a merry-go-round in individual race cars, and riding in open gondolas.

The final scene shows the four girls several years older than previously seen. They line up in a yard in front of a white picket fence. Then, an older gentleman who is presumably their grandfather and likely Richard J. Finnegan, poses with them.
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