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Mail Men / YS O 2

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Film Identifier: F.2011-01-0224
Run Time
0h 8m 39s
Date Produced
circa 1977
"Mail Men / YS O 2" documents a visit to Yellow Springs, OH, where JoAnn Elam lived and attended Antioch College starting in fall 1966. The film begins with the residential building at 777 Xenia Avenue and travels to the intersection of Phillips Street and W. North College Street, both locations which may have had significance to her time in the city. Various locations in downtown Yellow Springs are then shown, including the public library, the Epic bookstore, the King's Yard shopping plaza, and the fire department. The film concludes with scenes at Antioch College, and Elam's friend Julia Lesage, film scholar and co-founder of the cinema journal Jump Cut, makes an appearance in a garden on campus. The label "Mail Men" was written on the original reel of this film, but appears to have been scratched out and may not bear any relation to the footage.
Main Credits
Elam, JoAnn (is filmmaker)
Actors, Performers and Participants
Lesage, Julia (is participant)
Related Place
Yellow Springs (depicts)