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Film Identifier: F.2006-03-0009
Run Time
0h 53m 44s
Date Produced
This is non-edited camera original footage that anthropologist Paul Hockings shot as research for an ethnographic study of the Badagas people of the Nilgiris region in India. The footage focuses on religious rituals including funerals, firewalking, temples offerings and trance dancing.
00:00 - LS PAN across mountain range and valley, CU men on mountain, MS walking down mountainside 00:50 - MS Men in circle performing ritual with umbrellas and canes 01:52 - MS Men building thatched huts 04:14 - MS Group of men dancing ritual, building burial crib 05:10 - MLS Cattle, MS Men herding cattle 05:59 - VS Burial of a baby, men carrying crib 09:28 - MS Men wresting a cow to the ground, MS Families outside of hut, MS Village Procession, MS Slaughtering a cow 13:03 - MS Burial Ritual of burning a baby cradle 13:35 - MS In town - sign on building “Furnished Rooms to Let with Attached Bathrooms,” MS Men sitting on grass 14:21 - LS PAN cows in pasture, CU People kissing Man’s feet, MS Musicians playing 16:15 - MS Men walking with empty cradle, MS Umbella and Crane Ritual dance 18:00 - LS Large group of people in town ritual, MS Men with lei’s performing in fire walking ritual 19:41 - CU People wearing leis, carrying floral pots, holding chicken in air, CU Men in trance, in a frenzy 22:04 - CU Fire walkers / LS Temple with people bringing offerings 23:24 - MS Man cutting off head of a goat in one swoop, CU woman, man with child 24:18 - LS Village with small houses and cattle, CU children dancing, MS Men dancing 27:01 - LS cattle, MS Cattle crossing a river 29:13 -LS Group at Temple preparing a ritual, MS Men dancing in a circle, MS Men walking over hot coals for large crowd 31:13 - VS Ritual procession, fire walking, dancing, cutting coconuts 36:47 - CU Washing feet, dancing, lighting incense, offering of fruit to Gods, dancing 40:12 - MS Men walking around shrine, CU Men with ash on face and huge flower head dresses, dancing in celebration, procession 44:37 - LS Pan across forested mountain range 45:14 - MS Grieving women at funeral, CU Body wrapped in cloth, MS Men carrying wrapped corpse, MS Funeral ritual 47:00 - MS Killing a cow 48:19 - MS Starting a fire to burn the corpse 49:06 - LS mountains and river landscape, MS Another funeral carrying a corpse 51:34-53:44 - MS sacrificing a cow, burning the corpse
Main Credits
Hockings, Paul (is filmmaker)
Additional Credits
Hockings, Paul (is contributor)
Related Place
Nilgiris (production location of)