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1941-1948: General Family Reel #2

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Film Identifier: F.2010-06-0006
Run Time
0h 20m 0s
color and B&W
Date Produced
1941 - 1948
A home movie that includes a Midway United Service Organizations (USO) Service Center parade and speech, as well as footage of a trip to San Francisco during World War II and a stop at the 1946 Miss America pageant in Atlantic City.

-       The dedication of colors to the Midway USO Service Center at 975 East 60th Street in Chicago on Sunday, September 6, 1942. Featuring the Legion marching band, Albert Chapman as Master of Ceremonies, invocation by Reverand Dr. Eaton, and speakers Newton Farr, Paul Jacobson, and Mrs. W.H. Spencer.

-       Granny, Papa, Uncle Buddy in San Francisco Park during WWII

-       Christmas in 1941

-       Sylvia and Johnny, Victor, Juny, Laurie, Irma, Betty and Papa

-       David visiting Chicago

-       Uncle Buddy and Johnny and family in San Francisco in 1944

-       June 9, 1946 in Papa’s yard

-       Silvia, Buddy, David, Johnny, Howard Tally, Nelson Fuqua, the Hoodowls

-       At the Miss America pageant in Atlantic City, labor day 1946

-       1947 in San Francisco and Los Angeles

-       Alfred and his family

-       Leo and Ida and the airport

-       1948 in San Francisco and Chicago

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