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Dynamics of Dimension, The

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Film Identifier: F.2010-02-0173
Run Time
0h 16m 53s
Date Produced
Short sponsored film highlighting the effectiveness of three-dimensional design when it comes to advertising and communication, presented by Jannes Associates, Inc. The film displays an impressive array of Jannes pop-up paper products, including a paper cube that can serve as a pencil caddy, and custom designs that Jannes has produced for clients' promotional needs. Voiceover narration conveys the advantages that each of Jannes' stock shapes have over two-dimensional communication. The film employs playful filmmaking techniques including stop motion photography to promote and explain the way Jannes' pop-ups effectively combine two "deceptively simple" principles: "the lively thrust of rubber with the memory of paper for positions previously established."
Main Credits
Jannes Associates, Inc. (corporate name)
Additional Credit
Caputo, Bernard (is editor)
Patterson, Rhodes (is writer)
Patterson, Rhodes (is cinematographer)
Actors, Performers and Participants
Holmes, John G. (is narrator)
Related Place
Chicago (production location of)