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Dogs of Aspen, The

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Film Identifier: F.2010-02-0205
Run Time
0h 7m 31s
A humorous promotional film highlighting different elements of Aspen's touristic appeal, while focusing primarily on the "dogs of Aspen," and their idyllic lives in the renowned resort town. 
A short humorous film about the “beguiling appeals” of Aspen, Colorado, showcasing the natural beauty of the area throughout the seasons. The narrator notes that while Aspen is most known for its winter ski season, there is plenty to do at other times of the year. The film markets the destination as one especially attractive to younger tourists eager to enjoy the great outdoors. It also notes that bigger and more diverse crowds congregate every summer for the town's famous festivals and conferences. 

The film then switches gears, focusing on what it describes as the "indigenous subculture of Aspen," which deserves more attention: its dogs. Different breeds are featured cavorting through the streets of Aspen, mingling with crowds, seemingly free agents left to roam the sidewalks and cross traffic-heavy streets completely on their own. 

Towards the end, the narrator explains that while specific breeds meant to withstand the winter months are cultivated, the town is full of various breeds living in the rarefied streets of Aspen. The dogs' owners are rarely mentioned throughout the film; a clever device meant to reveal the safety and free-spirited nature of the town. 
Main Credits
Patterson, Rhodes (is filmmaker)
Additional Credit
Caradonna, Bob (is editor)
Patterson, Rhodes (is cinematographer)
Patterson, Rhodes (is writer)
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