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[Wrestling TV show]: Lou Thesz vs Buddy Rogers (Reel 2/2)

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Film Identifier: F.2008-04-0196
Run Time
0h 25m 58s
Date Produced
January 26 1951
An episode of a syndicated wrestling show shot at Chicago’s International Amphitheatre. Shot live on film with three-camera coverage, it features a witty and entertaining narration from announcer Russ Davis. This is part two of a championship match between Nature Boy Buddy Rogers and NWA champion Lou Thesz (first half is on 2008-04-0197). This brutal and drawn out match ends unsatisfactorily in a draw as neither wrestler is able to win a second hold.
00:00 MS Buddy Rogers in corner recuperating before next round, men exchanging holds and punching each other, flying head scissors on T., armscissors on T. 05:00 CU T. held down on mat, MS T. trying to break free, Dempsey breaks hold due to R. pulling T. hair, T. headlock on R., CU R. trying to break headlock, MS dropkick on T., piledriver on T., R. wins second fall at 09:17, CU T. resting between rounds, 10:00 third round begins, R. reprimanded by Dempsey for illegal punches, R. slams T. into corner, R. wristhold onT., CU T. standing up to break hold, MS Dempsey reprimanding R. for pulling hair, men punching each other, bodyslam on T., hammerlock on R., 15:00 both men on floor almost knocked out struggling to get up, T. slams into R. and both fall out of ring, T. headlock on R., dropkick on T., bodyslams on R., headscissors on R. 20:00 leglock on T., men exchange holds and punches, armscissors on R., flying bodypress on R. 25:24 final bell rings and ends in a draw, out 25:52 on a THE END card
Imperial World Films
Main Credit
Imperial World Films (is production company)
Davis, Sylvia H. (is producer)
Davis, Russell (is director)
Actors, Performers and Participants
Thesz, Lou (is performer)
Buddy Rogers (is performer)
Dempsey, Jack (is participant)
Davis, Russell (is commentator)
Related Place
Chicago (production location of)