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[Wrestling TV show]: Gypsy Joe vs Leon Kirilenko

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Film Identifier: F.2008-04-0001
Run Time
0h 11m 7s
Date Produced
An episode of a syndicated wrestling show shot at Chicago’s International Amphitheatre. Shot live on film with three-camera coverage, it features a witty and entertaining narration from announcer Russ Davis. Both wrestlers in the match were unpopular with the crowd for their underhanded wrestling style. Kirilenko wins when Gypsy Joe is disqualified for illegally punching Kirilenko when he was tied up in the ropes. Earl Mullihan referees the bout.
00:07 MS Ring announcer introducing wrestlers, MSs of wrestlers, both get boos, Davis comes in at 01:02 with “now here you’ve got a little bit of a problem; you’ve got two guys that nobody likes”, LS wrestlers and ref talking before match 02:04 match begins, cautious start, Kirilenko hammerlock on Joe, Kirilenko press on Joe, Joe gets out of hold with a punch, Joe flying mare on Kirilenko, Joe inside stepover toehold on Kirilenko MS Joe pinned to the mat, LS ref breaks hold, men violently slug each other 05:00 Joe armlock on Kirilenko, MS Kirilenko pulls Joe’s hair and pins him, LS ref breaks hold, Joe dropkick on Kirilenko, punches Kirilenko out of ring, Kirilenko flying mare on Joe into standing stretch, MS full stretch hold on Joe pinning him, LS men exchange holds, CU Kirilenko illegally using ropes to pin Joe, LS ref breaking hold, Kirilenko Hammerlock on Joe, Joe bodyslams Kirilenko 10:00 Kirilenko smacks Joe repeatedly, CU punch that knocks Joe to ropes, LS Kirilenko flips Joe to mat, CU Joe ties Kirilenko up in ropes and punches him, Joe disqualified at 11:12, LS ref untangling Kirilenko from ropes, ring announcer declaring Kirilenko winner, out 12:10.
Main Credit
Davis, Sylvia H. (is producer)
Davis, Russell (is director)
Actors, Performers and Participants
Joe, Gypsy (is performer)
Kirilenko, Leon (is performer)
Mullihan, Earl (is participant)
Davis, Russell (is commentator)
Related Place
Chicago (production location of)