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D&B on Overpass: Chicago

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Film Identifier: F.2005-01-0082
Run Time
0h 38m 53s
Date Produced
circa 1957
Amateur unedited film with much footage of two teenage children walking, talking and resting by a river. In between these scenes, however, is detailed footage of the industry of the Chicagoland area including grain, milk and shipping.
00:00 - LS Buckingham Fountain, MS of details. View down river as the boat Regency, from Philadelphia, passes. PAN and TILT UP of the tall grass in a marshy area. 02:54 - On the grounds of Hawthorn Mellody Milk; MS and CU as men prep the tanks, numerous angles and views of the trucks. 07:30 - HA of a barge, TILT UP to see river in an industrial area. HA of scenes around the river; traffic, movable bridge in the river, shoreline. 09:34 - Var scenes of two older children in a park-like area with a canal. VS of the same children on an overpass in the sun as traffic passes. PAN of farmland and road. 14:40 - MS by grain elevator as grain is unloaded. CU of grain pouring out and piling up in vat. 16:26 - Children next to a river. VS of a canal. MS and LS of children by a lock, CU on churning water. Gates open to allow barges through in MLS. PAN to see drawbridge lowering. 21:30 - Boat docked outside the Chicago Sun Times building, LS with workers visible. LS of building sign, TILT DOWN to river. Var. other boats in LS. Lake Calumet Harbor sign. 23:26 - Many takes of children walking on trail by a river, FA and RA. 26:37 - VS of two large grain elevators in Calumet with CU on details. Also LS of a golden field of grain and Illinois-Michigan Canal sign. 30:09 - MS ship (Prins Willem II Rotterdam) being loaded with boxes, sacks and a car. LS of ship in harbor. Multiple LS and MS PAN of trainyard and trucks. 36:11 - PAN shipping and receiving area with trucks. PAN skyline of Chicago from the south. Extended still MS of barge on river outside elevator. LS PAN of area.
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Chicago (production location of)