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Film Identifier: F.2004-02-0044
Run Time
0h 11m 7s
Date Produced
circa 1981
Industrial film about casting follows the process of making castings from start to finish at SanCast Inc., melting down scrap into glowing liquid iron, pouring molds, and testing samples in the lab. The narrator highlights stringent testing procedures taken to meet standards. Most shots are quick cuts of still or handheld shots following action with CU of details from various angles. Factory workers are in most shots conducting the following activities in the SanCast Inc. foundry.
00:11 - Var exterior SanCast, Inc. building 00:21 - interior shots of foundry, workers and assembly lines pouring metals; interior worker with casting machinery, working in lab 01:15 - workers with fully automatic core machine, CU details; testing consistency of sand, workers filling and checking casting mold 02:11 - polishing specimen embedded in plastic for testing; worker weighing and moving scrap, magnet on crane moves scrap metal, after weighed, goes into charging bucket 03:14 - charging bucket melts down scrap; transferring molten iron to molds in ladle; iron brought to temp, worker takes slag out of furnace, takes samples 04:30 - spectrometer in lab, measures each alloy in sample; clean ladle, taps furnace, checks temperature, pours iron into mold and removes ladle 06:02 - slow motion, CU pouring iron; cooling line, removed from molds 07:06 - castings shot blasted and ground to customer's specifications; lab equipment for static and fatigue testing; sample etched in acid bath to make grain stand out 08:06 - alarm going off, machine crushed the mold, workers run to check out problem; examining sample under microscope 08:57-09:06 - exterior SanCast Inc. building
Main Credit
SanCast (corporate name)
Odyssey Productions (is production company)
Behrend, Jack (is producer)
Additional Credit
Behrend, Jack (is contributor)
Burrit, Chris (is cinematographer)
Odyssey Productions (is contributor)
Related Place
Coshocton (production location of)