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1950: Madison - Denmark Wedding - Mom & Cap in Yard - Rover & Glamor Puss - New York - Thanksgiving - Stranger

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Run Time
0h 18m 17s
Date Produced
Begins with footage of Doug and Mary Bond at a lake in Madison, Wisconsin; Doug feeds the ducks and then swims in the shallow water. He sits on the sand with his mother and plays with his toy boat. The two next head to the zoo, where they see a leopard and eat popsicles. Next, Doug plays with a cat and rides a bike in a yard.

The next scenes are of the Suster family gathered in Denmark, Wisconsin for a wedding. There are many shots of matriarch Rose Suster, and a shot of Suster's Bowling Tavern.

Now in Des Plaines, Rose is filmed working in her garden while her grandson Doug plays with a ball on a string and cats Rover and Glamor Puss lounge in the yard. Rover appears to kill and play with a mouse in the grass. Later, Rover drinks milk from a glass by sticking a curled paw into the glass and pulling up the milk to his mouth.

Next are scenes of friends and family in New York City on an autumn day. Viola Imig poses in front of a storefront.

This is followed by scenes of Doug Bond shoveling snow on a residential street. He playfully tosses snow up at the camera with his shovel. A white cat named Stranger walks through the snow and is then held by Rose on the stairs. Family members, including Viola and her husband Clarence Dewey Imig, start arriving at the house in their cars. They pose outside for the camera, though they appear quite cold.
Main Credits
Suster, Barbara (is filmmaker)
Actors, Performers and Participants
Bond, Douglas (is participant)
Bond, Mary (is participant)
Imig, Viola (is participant)
Suster, Rose (is participant)
Related Places
Madison (depicts)
Denmark (depicts)
New York (depicts)
Des Plaines (depicts)