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Teaching Children Poison Prevention

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Film Identifier: F.2004-02-0101
Run Time
0h 14m 41s
Date Produced
This is an educational film about poison prevention. A doctor and teacher talk to children in a classroom about medicine safety and steps adults can take towards poison prevention. The doctor uses an educational cartoon to teach the children about the dangers of medicine and asks them questions about what they learned. Simonton plays the Teacher
00:08 - opening credits, two young children empty mother’s purse, opening bottle of pills, about to swallow the pills 00:54 - Carol, teacher, interviews man in classroom with children around a table about poison control, child tells story of friend getting into medicine, had to go to hospital, pump stomach, doctor recommends syrup of ipecac to be kept in home in case of ingestion, call doctor first, FA MS film projector, plays a cartoon about poison for kids in classroom 03:17 - cartoon about child getting medicine from cabinet for sick dog, tries to give dog medicine that mom gives him, medicines sing songs about leaving them on the shelf, kids shouldn’t take pills because they can make kids sick, only mommies and daddies should give medicine 08:39 - Carol and doctor discuss the film with children in classroom to see how much they retained from the film, talk to kids about dosage, types of medicine 11:14 - montage of nurses caring for premature babies in hospital, weigh babies to see how much milk they can take, CU, MCU tubes, baby with tube in nose to feed milk into stomach, doctors have to be careful and measure everything, 11:53 - sets pills on table, asks kids which pills are dangerous, you can’t tell which is dangerous, only the doctor knows 13:00-14:38 - doctor passes out childproof medicine bottles, kids can’t get safety cap off, teacher summarizes that kids can understand medicine safety, all families should keep medicine put away, keep ipecac, wait for parents to get medicine, credits
Main Credit
Parke-Davis (corporate name)
American Association of Pediatrics (corporate name)
Gordon Weisenborn Production, Inc. (is production company)
Margolis, Fredrick J. (is producer)
Rex Fleming Productions (is animator)
Additional Credit
Gordon Weisenborn Production, Inc. (is contributor)
Margolis, Fredrick J. (is contributor)
Actors, Performers and Participants
Simonton, Carol (is actor)
Related Place
United States (production location of)