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Tucson, AZ: Tucson Area

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Film Identifier: F.2004-02-0100
Run Time
0h 10m 5s
Date Produced
Raw footage of the landscape surrounding Tanque Verde ranch and resort. Includes footage of coralled horses and tourists saddling up for a ride through the desert, taking a break for a picnic breakfast.
00:01 - 02:09 - Stuttering PAN outside of ranch at dawn in MLS, interspersed with var. still shots of landscape, including a long pause on a hill with a solitary cactus. Ranch is visible in some shots. 02:26 - PAN of greener landscape outside of ranch, trees and lush grass. 02:45 - Backlit PAN LEFT and PAN RIGHT of unidentifiable groups of people. 03:49 - MLS of man in cowboy hat outside ranch looking at bulletins on the wall 04:10 - Brief shots of tangled desert trees and small cacti. Also a man taking a photograph while standing among the plants. 04:26 - Var MS and MCU of horses in a corral, boredered with a hand-made, rustic looking fence. 05:35 - LS tourists saddling up for a ride. They are led to a gate where their saddles are checked by a rancher, who sets them off in a single file line. Var shots of their ride in LS, including one HA view. They follow a desert path among cacti and desert greenery, mountains in the distance. 07:43 - Picnic break in desert. Groups shots of people eating at tables made of logs and tree stumps. Horses resting. 08:48 -ZOOM IN and OUT as camera is positioned to capture riders as they pass by individually. 09:52 - LS of picnic area with flat landscape stretching back to the horizon. 09:57 - 10:06 - Brief takes in MS of staff serving food to tourists. Sign in background reads Tanque Verde ranch.
Main Credits
Behrend, Jack (is director)
Additional Credits
Behrend, Jack (is cinematographer)
Related Place
Tucson (production location of)