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Tucson, AZ: Tanque Verde - Ranch

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Film Identifier: F.2004-02-0098
Run Time
0h 12m 22s
Date Produced
Semi-edited footage of Tanque Verde ranch and resort guest amenities. Includes swimming pool, indoor dining and outdoor barbeque, fishing hole and tennis courts. The area surrounding the resort is also indicated. Features details of a woman cooking rolls in outdoor stone oven.
00:00 - LS pool with waterfall. PAN entire pool area and mountains in distance. ZOOM IN and ZOOM OUT on visitors sunbathing and reading poolside. 01:51 - MLS view of pool from other side, PAN follows a woman crossing the lawn of the resort to the pool. Resort is visible in background. 02:45 - Landscape dotted with cacti as seen from a patio. PAN LEFT then ZOOM IN to distant craggy mountaintop; LS two women on tennis court. ZOOM IN on these women from distant balcony or deck. 04:00 - 05:49 - VS hilly, rocky landscape with sparse desert shrubbery. ZOOM OUT to see a road with cars at the base of a hill. 06:06 - Dining room with pool visible through wall of windows. MLS guests dining and servers taking orders, slight PAN of room with occasional ZOOM IN on groups of diners. 06:56 - Var. PAN of Lake Gambus, a tranquil fishing hole bordered by trees. Quick shot of sign that identifies the lake. ZOOM IN and TILT UP to green hills. 07:40 - Var. MS of woman cooking rolls in an outdoor stone oven. CU of oven door as she rolls a stone over the opening, ZOOM OUT; Cottonwood Cantina signs with guests and picnic tables, ZOOM OUT; CU of cooked rolls. Var shots of woman as she continues baking. She breaks open a roll and brings it to show the camera. 08:55 - 10:19 - Var. MS of guests at outdoor barbecue in late afternoon. Food is served buffet style on a long picnic table. Includes MCU of man in cowboy hat playing guitar and MCU of a man grilling meat. 10:27 - 12:23 - Night. Guests still eating, lit by fire. It is too dark to make out details. Shot of campfire in MS, LS, and CU.
Main Credits
Behrend, Jack (is director)
Additional Credits
Behrend, Jack (is cinematographer)
Related Place
Tucson (production location of)