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Metooshow: “Where Does My Street Go?”, The

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Film Identifier: F.2004-02-0081
Run Time
0h 19m 52s
Date Produced
circa 1969
The MeTooShow is an educational program, focusing on children’s interactions and interpretations of the world around them. The theme for this episode is “My Street”. Children play in a classroom or with their friends. Footage of the city and people at work on the street is intercut, providing the real-world example of their imaginative play. Ella Jenkin’s folk songs are interspersed throughout, acting as a descriptive narration.
00:07 - Opening sequence over MeTooShow theme song. Var. MCU, CU of children and puppets in a classroom in still frame . An introduction to the show as well as brief credits follow. 01:18 - LS of a house as an off-screen child says “My street begins at my house”. Music okays over var. scenes of children skipping ropes and riding bikes in their neighborhood, interspersed with trucks and traffic. 02:12 - LS of same house as child narrates that at one end of his street is his school. Children coloring and painting intercut with scenes of Chicago. Includes a bridge raising, boats on the river, and PAN of cityscape. 03:00 - ZOOM OUT on drawing of a yellow vehicle. A man put traffic cones out in CU and MS with the camera shooting from the car with him as the street rushes past below. This is overlaid with transparencies of children’s drawings. Followed by CU of more drawings. 03:53 - ZOOM OUT of the earlier house as child narrates that on the other end of his street there is a candy store. Boy exits house and joins his friend and they run down the street, camera PAN to follow. A candy store sequence follows in MCU with psychedelic music and the children piling candy in a tray as the grinning store owner looks on. 05:10 - Ominous music begins as the two children stand outside eating cotton candy. Freeze on a CU of the girl, which turns transparent. Through it a street cleaning vehicle operates with a CU on the water spraying as well as the truck. 05:43 - Var. men at work as a song begins to play with lyrics talking about what happens on “my” street. Couch delivery, milk delivery and ice cream truck, all with a camel or a rhinoceous puppet in the scene. 06:57 - CU of rhino puppet emerging from an ice cream bin offering ice cream to city workers. Cut between the rhino with ice cream in his mouth and the men working by a manhole in CU, MS and LS. 07:22 - Girl eating cotton candy in transparency over street cleaning. Brief montage of vechicles and construction workers as previous song ends and new music begins. 08:30 - Sequence in an alley as garbage men work in CU and MS, intercut by a garbage cans getting up and walking (children’s legs visible at the bottom). The puppets are stuck in a garbage can about to be picked up. Tension builds as the puppets are rescued by the walking garbage cans. 10:45 - Var. city scenes including a fire truck, a vehicle painting lines on the street and LS down streets. A new song begins about building a town. 11:15 - Dissolve to children unrolling paper in a classroom as one says “I wish I could drive a car”. Song begins about driving a car. Children drawing intercut with adults outside doing interpretive dances with road signs. A man in a paper cut out car walks among the dancers. TS on highway. 13:03 - Children unroll more paper and draw roads on it. Another song begins about streets. TS in traffic, LA of buildings with a light shining on them. 14:25 - More paper is unrolled and children begin playing pretend as adults, dressing up and walking around with dolls. Intercut with footage of people walking outside. Cute CU of childrens feet in high heels. 15:39 - Children play with toy cars and trucks. One child has a traffic sign that he turns to read stop or go. This is intercut with nice footage of a real traffic guard on Michigan Ave. at the corner of what is now the Cultural Center. 17:10 - TILT DOWN LaSalle Ave. looking at the Board of Trade as a parade goes by. The air is full of confetti and there is beautiful footage of the buildings covered with streamers. Intercut with children playing in the classroom, tearing apart the paper. 17:52-19:43 - Looking out of the boy’s house from earlier, a red roll of paper rolls down his front steps as music plays. He exits and runs down the street in fast motion. FADE TO a woman doing interpretive dance on a street in front of a sun mural as credits roll.
Additional Credits
Weisenborn, Gordon (is writer)
Actors, Performers and Participants
Jenkins, Ella (is actor)
Related Place
Chicago (production location of)