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Sailing Moods

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Film Identifier: F.2004-02-0054
Run Time
0h 11m 13s
Date Produced
Sailing Moods shows a sailing voyage adventure of a small crew sailing from Newport Beach, California to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. No narration, only a music score featuring the music of native cultures along their trip. We see the crew setting sails, navigating, cleaning and steering the boat. They visit islands with shores filled with elephant seals and sea lions, trade with local lobstermen, fish for tuna, and toast champagne during their trip.
00:09 - opening credits, MS bow of sailboat 00:23 - Montage, sailing crew untying boat, setting sails, off to sea 01:14 - Var boat POV front of ship deck in view, sailing into sunset 02:02 - Montage approaching an island, daylight, crew looks ahead with binoculars, captain drawing route on map, crew drops anchor, men rowing in dinghy 02:43 - MLS PAN LEFT shoreline filled with sea lions 02:54 - Var ZOOM MLS men standing closely with sea otter and sea lion 03:19 - MS, ZOOM OUT FA elephant seal 03:25 - handheld ZOOM OUT LS seals, RA MS sea lions walking down shore into water 03:48 - MS sea lions heads swimming in water between rock formations, ZOOM OUT, PAN LEFT horizon with mountains and sailboat in distance 04:17 - MS crew sailing away from island, drinking coffee, talking 04:31 - TS boat POV passing other boats and islands 04:41 - Montage handheld Var MS, crew buys lobsters from a small passing boat, two men throw live lobsters onto the sailboat deck in exchange for fruit, men in small boat restart engine 05:04 - Var MS men pulling anchor up, gathering rope 05:29 - ship POV, rear of ship deck in view, sailing, man wipes down ship 05:43 - CU FA bow moving throw water, handheld shots of crew, parts of ship, TILT UP sail in front of sun 06:04 - MS man looking into water, PAN to dolphins swimming quickly with boat 07:03 - FA, SA man working on engine, man falling asleep on bench over engine with tools 07:42 - MS man brings in large fish on a line, crew looks on and takes photographs of man posing with fish 08:00 - Montage sailing quickly, crew in rain gear, cloudy, windy day, crew opens sails, relax and drink beer 09:32 - Montage sun setting, crew going into bunk, captain drawing on map, steering ship, crew watch the horizon 10:31-11:13 - day, men raise red, blue and yellow flags, TS passing islands, men pour and toast champagne, credits
Main Credit
Yacht Films International (is production company)
Link, Bob (is producer)
Link, Bob (is director)
Additional Credit
Behrend, Jack (is writer)
Behrend, Jack (is editor)
Link, Bob (is contributor)
Link, Bob (is contributor)
Yacht Films International (is contributor)
Related Places
Cabo San Lucas (production location of)
Newport Beach (production location of)