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Galena, IL: Stillman Inn

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Film Identifier: F.2004-02-0037
Run Time
0h 9m 21s
Date Produced
Unedited footage of the town of Galena, IL. Shots include storefronts, Galena train station, the home of General Ulysses .S. Grant, and views of the cityscape and its architecture.
00:00 - overexposed shots, exteriors of a building 00:55 - Var shots, LS, TILT down right, street, chapel in background 01:36 - MLS exterior The Village Mercantile antiques in window front, Cover To Cover Books window front, MS, people walking down strip of stores window shopping, CU signs, TILT DOWN to shoppers 02:21 - MS interior antiques store front window display, PAN of interiors 02:50 - Var LS Galena brick train station, train tracks, chapel and forested hills in background, ZOOM OUT, PAN LEFT LS landscape, then reverse 04:54 - MLS exterior Galena train station 05:06 - MLS exterior Victorian-style [?] mansion, dark 05:26 - Var PAN LEFT, RIGHT across cityscape, woods, brick buildings, bridges and railroads, foliage over parts blue sky with white clouds, Var LS PAN RIGHT, LEFT buildings and houses on skyline, LS brick church with white steeple 08:06- MS steel buckets PAN ZOOM IN to sign Vinegar Hill Lead Mine, Galena, Ill. memorial site 08:49-09:21 - Var MLS sign "Home of General U.S. Grant", overexposed MLS exterior home
Main Credits
Behrend, Jack (is director)
Additional Credit
Behrend, Jack (is contributor)
Behrend, Jack (is cinematographer)
Related Place
Galena (production location of)