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Champion Papers Incorporated “Imagination 10”

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Film Identifier: F.2004-02-0033
Run Time
0h 17m 5s
Date Produced
Promotional film for a series of books published by Paper Division of Champion Papers Inc., describing how images in film are graphically translated and vibrantly reproduced on their paper. This particular book and film, Imagination 10, showcases the beauty and design of trains and attempts to capture the experience of traveling by train, describing the landscapes and city lights blurring by like moving paintings. A variety of trains are shown from every possible angle and exterior detail, with some interior dining shots, and many views from front, rear and side windows while the train is in motion.
Imagination, which ran from 1963 to 1986, was an annual print publication targeting the design community and showcasing the varied creative uses of paper. Each Imagination book has a distinct theme executed through the use of photography and illustrations printed on a diverse range of paper grades using a number of different printing and finishing techniques, such as fold outs, die cuts and specialty bindings.
00:00 - animated title sequence zips across screen like train cars, sound of train, two large, red dots as railroad crossing lights 00:42 - Var shots, CU details of train, ZOOMS, TILTS 01:30 - MS dark profile of railroad worker from shoulders down shoveling coal, MS glowing furnace 01:38 - increasingly quick cuts, CU details of train starting in motion, wheels turning, smoke blowing, gauges moving, some handheld movement following motion 02:12 - highly stylized negative images of trains moving past overlapping in multiple directions 02:35 - book opens, collage image of train on bridge 02:39 - SA MS train cars passing 02:50 - quick cuts of CU details on trains, steel design, worn wood, stencil, chalk, layout of train photographs, metal and wheel details 03:19 - Montage of men working on railroad, song whistling "I've been working on the railroad" plays 04:55 - SA train moving past behind a stationary train, CU wheels moving over tracks 05:05 - Var MS, shots interior office, behind dark silouhette of train operator, CU hands of worker flipping switches 05:11 - Var POV MS, CU trains moving around in a busy interchange 05:35 - rear SA MLS railroad worker crossing tracks as red caboose leaves the frame 05:39 - dark frame of trains passing quickly with cracks of light intercut with flashes of logos for train companies 06:12 - CU sun through canopy, sunflowers, tall grass, dark sillohuette of birds in nest, all scenes of quiet nature disrupted by the sound of a train barreling through, shots of them blowing about as train passes, then still again 07:00 - interior train station, shots of neon and boarding signs, clocks, glass 07:14 - Montage of people moving about the station and platforms, waiting to board, loading luggage 07:41 - train pulls into station, FA, RA man operation a vehicle that washes the train, conductor opens the door after he passes, RA steps out, SA wipes down train, photographic image of conductor, All Aboard! 08:07 - window of train car POV HA tracks behind, MLS forward train on a curve as another train passes in opposite direction 08:34 - LS front SA train coming from horizon over long arched bride, snowy mountains in background 08:39 - PAN LEFT foggy cityscape across body of water 08:45 - conductor POV tracks ahead 08:51 - Montage Var LS, MLS, CU Var landscapes moving quickly past out window of trains 09:29 - CU Daumier's painting "Third Class Carriage" of people on train 09:32 - Var MS, CU people on train, reading, talking with conductor, looking out the windows 09:51 - MLS Var landscapes from train window, trees, mountains, rock formations 10:03 - train window POV, MLS silver train disappearing around curve of red rocky mountain, purple flowers, mountain covered with pine trees in background 10:12 - FA MLS red Santa Fe train moves towards and passes camera, ZOOM LEFT RA as it passes 10:37 - early dawn, MLS sleepy people exiting train, steam rising from train 10:46 - MS dark silouettes of people walking past camera with luggage, stream of diagonal sunlight through composition, train car in background 10:53 - MS var conductors, PAN LEFT follows conductor as train pulls away, blurry ECU train passing 11:07 - rear SA MS train leaving station 11:15 - TS, LS then MLS train moving quickly through landscape with trees whizzing by 11:28 - interior train POV tracks ahead, PAN RIGHT houses, conductor 11:37 - CU rearview mirror showing tracks moving behind train 11:42 - Interior train POV train crossing steel bridge 11:51 - CU conductor's hand with pocket watch and schedule, shifting gears, liquid in glass dome, MS SA silouette conductor 12:02 - caboose POV tracks moving behind train 12:05 - train window POV landscapes moving by quickly 12:14 - Var shots waiter setting table with "heavy silver service that won't topple over" MS, CU of food and table settings 12:45 - Var shots train window POV water through quickly passing steel bridge, body of water TILT DOWN, CU rain on window 13:00 - Var slower MS, trees passing by window 13:11 - dusk, MS dark sillouette railroad crossing, gates coming down, SA behind cars waiting as train passes, MS gates go up 13:31 - train window POV Montage of Var LS sunsets 13:42 - FA, horizon at dusk, tracks, RA tracks 13:52 - train window POV Montage Var blurry lights of cities passing, cut to red dot from opening title 14:22 - Montage CU, PANNING images from book, narrator explains "Imagination 10" is a collection of graphic impressions on paper of what a railroad was and is. Series of books published by Paper Division of Champion Papers Inc., describes how images in film are graphically translated and vibrantly reproduced on their paper 16:13-17:05 - credits
Main Credit
Paper Division of Champion Papers (corporate name)
Marsh, Lee (is executive producer)
Goldsholl, Morton (is director)
Goldsholl Design & Film Associates (is production company)
Additional Credit
Freese, Thomas (is cinematographer)
Goldsholl, Morton (is contributor)
Goldsholl, Millie (is cinematographer)
Janiak, Larry (is contributor)
Marsh, Lee (is contributor)
Sullivan, Dick (is writer)
Walker, Bill (music)
Actors, Performers and Participants
Mohr, Gerald (is narrator)
Related Place
Chicago (production location of)