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St. Augustine, FL: St. Augustine Area

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Film Identifier: F.2004-02-0023
Run Time
0h 22m 23s
Date Produced
Unedited footage of architecture and tourism in St. Augustine, Florida. Reel features footage of Spanish Renaissance-style campus Flagler College, Venetian Renaissance-style Memorial Presbyterian Church, government buildings, horse and buggy rides along the ocean, visits to the beach, and tours through historic Castillo de San Marcos fort on the water.
00:00 - HA LS through trees, clydesdale horse pulling six passenger buggy, picks up passengers, FA MS PANNING horse and buggy passing camera, POV inside buggy, moving down paved road with cars parked along the streets, palm trees, ocean to the right, bridges in water, turning dusk 02:44 - night, very dark shots, hard to see, people walking, rows of street lights, architecture, horse and buggy 04:26 - Var exterior LS, PANNING [Flagler College], Spanish Renaissance architecture with palm trees, gardens 05:51 - LS HA horse and buggy parked, palm trees, ocean with sailboats in water in background, ZOOM IN bridge closing after sailboat passes, PAN shore line 07:33 - LS PANNING down sandy beach, people playing in sand and small cresting waves, lifeguard patrolling beach 08:42 - LS ZOOM IN and OUT swimmers walking into waves, swimming caps 19:19 - handheld MLS following children doing cartwheels down a sand dune 10:41 - MS bronze memorial statue 11:10 - Var shore POV PANNING LS sailboats on water, bridge with cars passing, palm trees on shoreline 12:55 - Var PANNING Castillo de San Marcos historic fort surrounded by water 14:27 - exterior Believe It Or Not! grand opening, castle like structure, palm trees in foreground 14:53 - MLS sign Flagler College, ZOOM OUT Spanish Renaissance architectural style campus in background, Var PANNING LS of campus, detail MLS bell tower, roof and windows 16:01 - LS handheld PANNING exterior white building through trees 16:55 - ECU ZOOM OUT texture of building material 17:35 - PANNING exterior gardens, brick well, stone arched structures 18:20 - LS dome of Memorial Presbyterian Church, CU sign TILT UP architectural detail of arched doorway, FA LS handheld shots Venetian Renaissance-style church entrance and staircase 19:13 - MLS gated entrance, cars passing shot, LS PANNING large Spanish style buidlings 19:41 - CU Johns County Courthouse, ZOOM OUT exterior LS Spanish style building, palm trees in front courtyard 20:01 - CU flag in front building with two bell towers, sign City Of St. Augustine Florida, quick ZOOM IN and OUT 20:37-22:23 - Var interior Castillo de San Marcos, MLS people walking across bridge into fort with antique cannons, interior walls of fort PANNING grounds, tourists, CU antique cannon, rows of cannons built into fort wall, PANNING HA view of town and ocean surrounding fort, tourists walking through brick entryway
Main Credits
Behrend, Jack (is director)
Additional Credits
Behrend, Jack (is cinematographer)
Related Place
St. Augustine (production location of)