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Natchez, MS: Natchez Area

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Film Identifier: F.2004-02-0020
Run Time
0h 12m 32s
Date Produced
Reel of uncut footage of historic Natchez, Mississippi. Shots include Mississippi River, Vidalia Bridge, Colonial houses and bed & breakfasts in neighborhoods and along the river, barges in the water, Natchez City Cemetery, and Civil War hero memorials and antique cannons.
00:00 - LS barge in Mississippi River, PAN RIGHT, house in river with dock, tree-lined river’s edge in background, houses and storefronts facing river, MLS, ZOOM OUT LS houses and storefronts 00:55 – Var LS, ZOOM IN façade white Colonial home with columns, trees in front yard, people moving on front porch 01:55 – CU sign “The Briars Antebellum Home: A Bed & Breakfast Inn” 01:59 – Var, MS tree canopy, ZOOM OUT, PAN RIGHT façade white columned house with long porch, ZOOM IN front porch 03:06 – Var LS Mississippi River, PAN RIGHT across length of steel Vidalia Bridge, cars driving across, last take has barge in water 04:40 – CU Vidalia Bridge ZOOM OUT PAN LEFT 05:03 – Var CU gravestone, ZOOM OUT MS graveyard, pink flowering bush in background, TILT DOWN CU gravestone 05:51 – Var LS wrought iron fence open to graveyard, tall white gravestones and trees scattered across landscape, PAN RIGHT white iron fence detail 06:23 – shaky TS PAN LEFT AND RIGHT down road in graveyard, ZOOM IN and OUT gravestones on either side 07:34 - CU historical marker “Natchez City Cemetery” est. 1822, shaky CU sign “Federal headquarters 1863” 07:55 – MLS façade white Colonial columned home 08:48 – MS exterior William Johnson House, CU sign, ZOOM OUT façade red brick house with lime green shutters, red roof, shadow covering half of house 09:27 – MLS F/SA brick building, tan façade with two tiered front porch, PAN RIGHT and LEFT tree lined street 10:41 – shaky MCU sign “Dunleith National Historic Landmark Circa 1856” 10:49 – LS white Colonial columned home with black wrought iron fence 11:05 – SA down a row of Civil War cannons, LS cannons, CU over barrel of cannon, trees and monuments in background 11:29 – Var LA MS bronze Confederate war hero memorials, CU memorial marker “Jefferson Davis, President Confederate State and Commander-In-Chief” 12:23-12:32 – RA two Civil War cannons
Main Credits
Behrend, Jack (is director)
Additional Credits
Behrend, Jack (is cinematographer)
Related Place
Illinois (production location of)