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Film Identifier: F.2004-02-0019
Run Time
0h 25m 42s
Date Produced
Film promoting Griffin Wheel Company telling the history of Griffin Wheels in the train industry. The film shows the cycle of wheels in action transporting goods across the country, worn out after years of wear, then recycled in the factory through a patented process back into new wheels to keep the cycle of transportation moving.
00:00 - Opening credits, var shots from multiple angles, some PANNING train with many cars moving quickly passing corn fields and farms, CU, MS moving parts, wheels on tracks,, train cars whizzing past, LS train moving across rural landscape 01:19 - Interior train, male conductor 01:21 - TS POV train, Var shots rural landscape trees, road, power lines, quick PANNING neighborhoods, train station 01:33 - LA FA ZOOM OUT train with head light coming towards camera, tracks between power lines and white farm house, drizzling rain on lens 01:49 - SA train passing rail road crossing 01:51 - Var HA train passing below, mountains and pond in background 01:59 - LS, MS, ZOOM OUT LS train passing, mountains in background, horses grazing in fenced field in foreground. 02:12 - FA train with headlight coming towards camera through arched brick tunnel in mountain 02:14 - Var LS, PANNING train passing fields 02:18 - Var MS quick PAN with train passing 02:24 - FA TS moving with train PAN RIGHT as it passes 02:33 - LS ZOOM OUT ELS train moving through heavily forested mountain 02:40 - Var angles MLS, LS train in mountains blowing steam 02:47 - POV between stationary train and train pulling away from camera, man waving from caboose 02:59 - HA train passing under camera, centered, moving towards horizon, foggy 03:19 - SA ZOOM OUT train moving away from camera from inside open wooden structure [?] 03:43 - Var CU man pulling lever changing train tracks, Var CU wheels on tracks 04:12 - Var CU changing worn out train wheels in factory, factory workers in yellow hardhats 04:21 - Var LA train wheels with axles in factory yard with man driving forklift in background, wheels fill screen with geometric pattern, CU, ECU wheels 04:33 - MLS ZOOM OUT PAN LEFT LS crane lifting wheels across factory yard, MS stacking wheels 05:01 - Var CU, MCU discarded wheels in yard 05:09 - MS handheld camera following magnet on crane picking up discarded wheels 05:29 - LS LA PAN RIGHT crane bringing discarded wheels into factory, MS HA magnet 05:45 - CU interior furnace, wheels melting, HA inside glowing vat, intercut Var angles crane bringing in more wheels, interior crane operator POV 06:34 - Var shots vat of melted steel moving by crane to next process 06:48 - cover closing on chamber, Var shots, CU ZOOM IN, TS HA, sparks flying from inside chamber, CU steel melting, sparks flying, ZOOM IN CU construction workers with yellow hardhats and protective eye wear looking on 08:01 - HA quiet factory, exterior Var LS factory from fields 08:19 - Var CU, MS following factory worker shoveling material into furnace, CU sparks flying, molten steel, two workers pour sample, remove with tongs, CU steel sample hardening 10:05 - TS factory, workers and open furnaces 10:09 - CU ZOOM OUT gloved hand removing steel sample 10:13 - Montage factory workers shoveling into sparking furnace intercut with office workers testing sample 11:10 - Var angles, moving shots CU-LS crane operator tilting furnace to pour glowing liquid contents into ladle hanging from crane, CU melted flaming steel flowing over sides, LS waterfalls of steel in factory, dramatic music playing 13:11 - Var shots workers stirring and skimming top of steel in ladle 13:57 - Var shots moving ladle across factory into pressure chamber, closing lid 14:57 - Animated diagram of chamber, air pressure forces steel up ceramic tube into graphite wheel 15:16 - Upbeat banjo music playing over factory workers pouring flaming liquid steel into molds, TS behind factory line 16:10 - Var Cu mold lifts to reveal glowing new wheel, PAN RIGHT with crane moving wheels to cooling area, ZOOM IN, Var LA down line of cooling wheels 18:00 - Montage factory workers with torches working on wheel detail, wheels moving through assembly line, fast TS of factory, CU automated torches 18:59 - song ends as MS wheel reaches end of assembly line, Var CU mechanical arm moving wheels into normalizing furnace, removes glowing wheels, multiple LA wheels moving above camera 20:37 - Var MS factory workers inspecting wheel under black light, check for cracks, "magnaglow process" moving wheels through assembly line inspection 21:35 - Var CU factory workers detailing with torch, CU moving wheels through assembly line, HA above factory worker, wheels are given last inspection by workers, sized, stamped, and stacked in a line ready to go 23:14 - Var MS, CU wheels are greased by factory workers, set on axles, new wheels rolled under train to replace the old in factory 23:36 - TS rounding factory yard, rows of wheels 23:59 - dusk, FA train with headlight racing towards camera, PAN as train passes, SA landscape peaks through dark moving silhouette of train cars 24:24-25:12 - same shot, night, bright headlight of train races past camera, glows in distance 25:13-25:42 - credits
Main Credit
Amsted Industries (corporate name)
Griffen Wheel Company (corporate name)
Jack Behrend, Inc. (is production company)
Behrend, Jack (is producer)
Behrend, Jack (is director)
Additional Credit
Burritt, Chris (is cinematographer)
Morris, Susan (sound)
Orr, Rob (is cinematographer)
Actors, Performers and Participants
Clasky, Ron (is participant)
Piven, Byrne (is narrator)
Related Place
United States (production location of)