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Feeling All Right

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Film Identifier: F.2004-02-0018
Run Time
0h 29m 0s
Date Produced
Educational film about syphilis tells the story of Roy, an African American farmer, who learns about syphilis the hard way when he catches the sexually transmitted disease from a fling in the nearby rural town. This sex ed film shows how the venereal disease is transmitted and how and where to get treatment. The film addresses peer pressure and emotional issues (fear, embarrassment) associated with the disease. Marshal appears as Roy Jackson; Mrs. Marshal appears’ as Roys’ Mother; Micks appears as Jim; Lindsay appears a Ruby; Bonds appears as Linda
00:14 - MLS FA black farmer rides a mule up to a barbed wire fence to moody music reminiscent of film noir score a la “Touch of Evil”. -AU 00:20 - MS SA farmer dismounts horse, opening credits 00:53 - MLS two farmers in field, one driving tractor, the other walking, jumps onto tractor Narrator says the actors are everyday people giving time and effort to fight against syphilis. Introduces actors, CU of each character. 01:34 - MLS SA farmer on tractor and farmer following on horse up hill POV through trees 01:56 - Var MS black man (Jim) and woman (Ruby) working in field with garden hoes, man (Roy) riding in cart behind two horses in background, Roy waves Jim to come over, men shake hands. Looking around, Roy tells Jim he is in trouble, shows him a rash on his genitals. Jim diagnoses the rash as a “haircut,” or syphilis, asks if he fooled around with that girl that was sweet on him. Jim says don’t worry about a doctor, he has the miracle cure at the house. They walk down the road. 03:09 - MLS pregnant woman (Ruby) working in field in sun dress and hat 3:12 - MS (Jim) man walks into house, (Roy) man paces back and forth, nervous 03:42 - Jim and Roy go into town, Var shots walking around rural African American town, people walking and cars driving in the street, men sitting in rocking chairs and on business front porches, wave to each other, friendly 04:09 - Var interior shots men enter busy cafe, playing pinball, CU jukebox changing records, two “good looking” girls come in, friends of Jim, Linda flirts with Roy 04:49 -Var MS, MCU shots Jim, Roy and two attractive women sit down at four top table to share a drink, i jug, 4 glasses, inter-cut with people dancing, Roy says he and the girl “got too friendly later on” 05:33 - Var shots dark exterior house with picket fence, Roy leaves girl’s house, walks down the road as she looks on from the porch, walks into house 06:25 - MLS, CU of feet as Roy paces back and forth, worried, Jim walks out of house, tosses the miracle cream to Roy, MLS men walk down dirt road together 07:22 - MLS RA black farmer rides on hay rake behind two horses 07:27 - MLS black farmer (Roy) rides up to house standing on wagon full of hay 07:36 - MLS Roy hops of wagon and walks up to parents house,Var MCU, CU father walks by, Roy takes off shirt looking in mirror, says his folks have not noticed the spots on his hands, he feels ashamed hiding his sores, washing face in wash bin outside when mother walks up, inspects his back, they argue about going to the doctor 09:39 - Var shots exterior church, gravestone, road, CU church steeple 09:53 - Var shots interior church, congregation, choir singing, narrator says the County Health Department has come to spread the gospel of good health, Reverend Harris introduces African American woman Mrs. Green, people cover widows and set up a screen and projector, Mrs. Green gives sex education information on syphilis, its symptoms, how it is transmitted, and treatment information, invites the church to come to health clinic to get a blood test for syphilis, disease prevention 11:02 - Var MS Mrs. Green shows slides of babies, men and women with syphilis symptoms projected on screen,CU of images on screen, Var CU people in congregation looking at each other knowingly, asks people to come to clinic to get treatment, creams will not work 13:57 - MS congregation leaving church taking pamphlets 14:07 - Interior church, Mother talks to clinic workers about son, man writes her an appointment for a blood test 15:02 - MS Roy, Jim, Ruby standing by car, looking at pamphlet, CU comic, characters have syphilis, mother gives Roy appointment slip, tells Jim and Ruby to get tested before she gives birth 16:25 - Roy walks up to group of men in front of store, will not shake his hand discuss fears of taking the cure 17:09 - MLS handicapped man limps across street 17:27 - Var MLS SA, FA Roy walking beside train cars, horse and buggy passes in front of him, pondering whether to see a doctor, walks to clinic, passes women and children exiting Health Department as he walks in 18:14 - MS SA doctor taking x-ray of patient’s chest 18:23 - HA mother handing baby to nurse, puts baby on scale to check weight in clinic room 18:29 - Var shots interior Health Department, Roy walks into clinic feeling welcome, they offer Malaria control, dental care, venereal disease (VD) clinic, got over fears and embarrassment, narrator describes the process, Montage - Roy gets check up, blood drawn for blood test, tested positive for syphilis 21:02 - MCU, CU of hands, secretary typing on Model Seventeen typewriter 21:13 - LS, MS group of African American adults exiting bus, coming to stay at syphilis treatment center, enter the door to the center 21:28 - MS, CU crying baby on table getting shot in bottom, mother pats baby’s back 21:41 -Var shots interior doctor’s office, checkup with doctor listens to heart with stethoscope, puts a sample from sore on glass slide, Jim and doctor look at syphilis under microscope, ECU syphilis on slide 23:25 - Black men wait in line to get shot from white female nurse, shot in the butt or rear 24:53 - Var shots men playing horseshoe in yard of clinic, CU horseshoes landing on stake, men cheer in bleachers 25:12 - MS Black men standing in cafeteria line, CU men eating and laughing in cafeteria Roy says goodbye to friends at clinic in cafeteria, RA takes bag and walks down long deck 25:47 - LS SA PAN RIGHT vintage pickup truck driving down dirt road, fields in landscape, stop at house, drops off Roy at funeral of Jim and Ruby’s baby, died of syphilis 26:00 - LS six people standing around burial plot praying at funeral Var MS preacher praying, parents crying, dropping flowers onto open casket 26:45 - FA exterior shot of man and woman (Roy and Irma) talking inside a car Roy takes Irma to the doctor for her blood test, interior doctor’s office 28:13-28:54 - Montage picnic, Roy and Irma with new baby, friends and family, THE END
Additional Credit
Appelbaum, Louis (music)
Clifford, William T. (is contributor)
Columbia University Educational Films (is contributor)
Lasse, Fred (is contributor)
Read, Nicholas C. (is writer)
Southern Educational Film Production Service (is contributor)
Stoney, George (is writer)
Weisenborn, Gordon (is cinematographer)
Actors, Performers and Participants
Marshal, Eldred (is actor)
Marshal, Mrs (is actor)
Micks, George (is actor)
Lindsay, Margaret (is actor)
Bonds, Thelma (is actor)
Related Place
Athens (production location of)