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Am I Really That Different?

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Film Identifier: F.2004-02-0013
Run Time
0h 28m 41s
Date Produced
Educational film that advocates for early intervention in recognizing children with disabilities and special needs via Head Start Programs. Following the stories of several families, the film covers introduction into to Head Start, evaluation, diagnosis, and therapy and support options for the children and their families offered by the city of Chicago. Head Start staff and families are bilingual (Spanish and English), and address issues of getting help to low- or no-income families.

The film was shot in classrooms on early childhood development at the University of Chicago. It also captures the work at the city's Head Start educational facilities. 
Montage of still photographs of parents and teachers with special needs children in the classroom and on the playground. Parents talk about the challenges facing their children discovering they had special needs. 02:56 - MS, CU, some slow motion, children waking up from nap, playing in Head Start classroom and on playground, narrator introduces Head Start’s mission to help children reach their full potential 05:23 - “Chicago Early Development Screening Inventory” Montage of stills of parent interview and observation by staff to determine whether further evaluation is in order, referral to professional team by the Department of Human Services 06:50 - MS, CU families of Chicago entering and exiting Head Start buildings, health service facilities 07:31 - LS Elevated Train, poverty-stricken neighborhoods, people commuting on buses, walking in neighborhoods, street art 09:10 - Story of Renee, montage of stills of teachers, social workers, speech/language pathologist, psychologist, child psychiatrist around a table discussing their evaluations of Renee and his family inter-cut with stills of Renee performing tasks in classroom and in family home 18:40 - LS ZOOM OUT exterior Charles H. and Rachel M. Schwab Rehabilitation Hospital, LS exterior Easter Seal Society, LS exterior Family Service Bureau United Charities of Chicago 18:54 - TS crossing bridge, downtown Chicago 19:01 - LS ZOOM IN exterior West Town Neighborhood Health Center Chicago Board of Health, Kunstadter Children’s Hospital 19:38 - Montage of stills of special needs children, therapy session with parents “play acting” addressing feelings of denial, anger, guilt, depression, acceptance, active resolution 21:51 - Montage of stills, story of child with mental and physical handicap from nerve damage, working with center social worker, at home with mother, with other children in classroom 25:25 - Montage of stills, children in graduation caps in park 26:14 - Table “Percentages of Children with ‘Special Needs’: 11.3% of Total Enrollment” read aloud in Spanish, credits roll over montage of stills, teachers, social workers, psychiatrists and psychologists in a classroom
Additional Credit
Gordon Weisenborn Production, Inc. (is contributor)
Orr, Rob (is cinematographer)
Vincent, Nathaniel (music)
Weisenborn, Gordon (is contributor)
Weisenborn, Gordon (is writer)
Weisenborn, Gordon (is editor)
Weisenborn, Selma (is writer)
Related Place
Chicago (production location of)