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Natchez, MS: Monmouth Plantation

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Film Identifier: F.2004-02-0010
Run Time
0h 13m 53s
Date Produced
Unedited footage of the interior accommodations and exterior grounds of Monmouth Plantation, circa 1818, a luxury hotel experience in Natchez, Mississippi. Features include fine dining room, Antebellum rooms, antique furniture, gardens and patio area.
00:00 - Var MS, CU, ECU, PAN LEFT and RIGHT luxury dining room, silver dishware and candlesticks, floral centerpieces, fine china, chandelier 01:46 - Var MS, CU, ECU, PAN LEFT and RIGHT sitting area with silver fountain and fireplace 02:52 - Var MS, PANNING across bedroom, four poster bed 04:34 - Var MS, PAN LEFT across a full informal, county style dining room 05:06 - ZOOM IN and OUT LS detail of bird fountain out the open door of formal entryway 05:56 - Var MS PANNING across luxury bedroom, two poster bed with partial canopy, footage is very dark 07:34 - LS ZOOM IN white Colonial home with vast yard, trees around residence 07:55 - Var CU breakfast table, ZOOM OUT, PAN across courtyard with gardens, brick patio and fountain in center 09:51 - Var LS exterior FA Monmouth Plantation, lit at night and daytime 10:39 - Var RA, MS and portch detail of brick building, patio and gardens 11:29 - CU sign “Longwood Entrance”, dirt road 11:43 - Var LS, detail, red brick building with white dome 12:43 - LS exterior brick building with white porches, Var shots PANNING across exterior, pond with ducks, white bridge, gazebo
Main Credits
Behrend, Jack (is director)
Additional Credit
Behrend, Jack (is contributor)
Behrend, Jack (is cinematographer)
Related Place
Natchez (production location of)