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Oxford, MD: Robert Morris Inn Exteriors

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Film Identifier: F.2004-02-0006
Run Time
0h 16m 40s
Date Produced
circa 1989
This is a reel of unedited footage taken of Robert Morris Inn and its surrounding neighborhood and harbor. Scenes feature landscapes of Oxford, Maryland, a Chesapeake Bay community, its sunsets over water, and colonial style neighborhoods.
00:00 - Var MS, var camera movements, graveyard with trees and fenced areas, CU gravestone of Tench [Tilgilman], partial remains of red brick structure with arched, open doorway 02:24 - Var TS from street, neighborhood of Colonial style and brick homes, white picket fences, many trees, scene ends on slow shot of Robert Morris Inn, long Colonial home, yellow siding, white shutters, columns, and double-story porch that runs length of the fa├žade 06:59 - Var LS POV looking down pier towards water, ZOOM IN to ferry with American flag pulling up to dock 08:48 - LS from boat, PAN LEFT and RIGHT shore with houses, docks, trees, sailboats parked in water 11:28 - LS sunset across water over tree line, quick PAN LEFT across horizon 12:29 - LS sunset across water from dock PAN LEFT boats on water 13:19 - Var shots Robert Morris Inn and surrounding houses at dusk, Var PAN LEFT and RIGHT Inn and houses, POV from dock 15:33 - CU, ZOOM IN, some PANNING two paintings of Robert Morris [?], painting of ship on choppy water in storm, historical photograph of Oxford Ferry with Robert Morris in background, rendering of Oxford, MD during Colonial times with people standing on pier overlooking ship in water
Main Credits
Behrend, Jack (is director)
Additional Credit
Behrend, Jack (is contributor)
Behrend, Jack (is cinematographer)
Related Place
Oxford (production location of)