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Columbia, CA: San Ysidro Ranch

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Film Identifier: F.2004-02-0004
Run Time
0h 22m 13s
Date Produced
The following is a reel of unedited footage taken of the San Ysidro Ranch in Columbia, CA, featuring the accommodations at San Ysidro ranch including: rustic guest house interiors and exteriors, mountainous landscapes of the surrounding area, fine dining, and recreational activities such as swimming and horseback riding. Frequent camera movements, some handheld and shaky.
00:00 - Var shots ZOOM OUT, PAN RIGHT exterior building and parking lot 00:59 - LS exterior church 01:10 - PAN RIGHT, shaky ZOOM OUT landscape wooded residential valley from elevated POV 02:07 - Var CU fine dining table settings with food and wine 02:38 - Var shots interior rustic cabin, TILT UP and DOWN, ZOOM IN and OUT stone fireplace, rafters, hotel register 03:47 - Var shots, CU sign detail, ZOOM OUT house exterior 04:30 - ECU San Ysidro Ranch hotel register, entry dated 1893-02-20 04:44 - PAN LEFT then RIGHT interior rustic hotel room, bed, sitting area, door open to back patio 05:19 - Var shots interior bathroom vanity, ZOOM IN sink and soap dish 05:51 - PAN LEFT then RIGHT interior living room with breakfast nook 06:19 - PAN LEFT, PAN RIGHT between four poster bed and windows 07:14 - Var shots CU guest book, ZOOM OUT, PAN LEFT interior, man and woman reading in sitting area in front of stone fireplace, PAN RIGHT, ZOOM IN CU guest book 09:17 - CU photograph, MS of President (JFK) and Mrs. John F. Kennedy (Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis) in front of mountain landscape with palm trees 09:27 - CU photograph, MS of Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Kennedy outdoors 09:33 - CU newspaper, headline reads “Vivien Leigh and Olivier Married at Santa Barbara” 09:41 - PAN LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT interior fine dining, waiters in suits serve dinner to a full dining room, ZOOM IN table with two waiters serving wine and food 11:34 - Var shots CU vase of sunflowers, PAN RIGHT to four people dining at a table 12:25 - Var shots exterior ranch style house with mountain landscape and palm trees in background, PAN LEFT to parking lot 13:16 - Var shots PANNING across mountainous landscapes with houses, floral gardens, outdoor tent 14:57 - CU large magenta flowers in bloom against blue sky 15:16 - ECU magenta flower in bloom, shaky ZOOM OUT 15:43 - Mountain landscape, PAN LEFT to house on hill of wild flower gardens 16:05 - Var shots PANNING across exterior ranch style house with mountains and palm trees in background 17:42 - Var tracking shot, shaky, exterior houses in neighborhood POV from street 19:09 - Exterior white house with Palladian windows, mountain and large trees in background 19:20 - ELS rooftops and trees, shaky ZOOM OUT landscape from elevated POV 20:06 - LS swimmer doing laps in an in-ground pool, ZOOM IN and OUT, shaky camera movements 21:00 - MS people horseback riding along a trail, faces obscured by foliage, jerky handheld 21:51 - MS outdoor table and chairs, TILT UP to palm trees 22:46 - PANNING across deck of white umbrellas with people sitting at tables and chairs, footage is dark 23:40 - Exterior white house with front porch and flower baskets
Main Credits
Behrend, Jack (is director)
Additional Credits
Behrend, Jack (is cinematographer)
Related Place
Columbia (production location of)