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Facet: “The Music of Ted Ashford”

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Film Identifier: F.2006-06-0006
Run Time
0h 21m 46s
Date Produced
June 6 1967
This is a kinescope of a episode of a arts program “Facet”, produced by Chicago’s PBS station, WTTW. Music of Ted Ashford introduced by Ted Ashford, performed by musicians and singers, with one set accompanied by a kinetic light sculptures programmed along with musical compositions.
00:00 - “Toys I Had” performed by Maria Lagios (soprano), Margaret Payne (flute), Jean Douglass (cello), Susumu Kasahara (piano) 04:30 - Light box designed by Kent Peterson, musical accompaniment by Margaret Payne (flute), Benton Darda (trumpet), Beorge Broussard (trombone), Jean Douglass (cello), Joe Zawierucha (percussion) 08:30 - “In Memoriam” and “Intersection” performed by Northwestern University Jazz Workshop 17:10 - Ted Ashford Trio with Joe Zawierucha and Mark Ellicott 20:36-21:46 - credits role over Ted Ashford Trio performance
Main Credit
WTTW (Television station) (corporate name)
Sommers, John (is executive producer)
Kuttner, Peter (is producer)
Kuttner, Peter (is director)
Additional Credit
Kuttner, Peter (is contributor)
Kuttner, Peter (is contributor)
Sommers, John (is contributor)
Actors, Performers and Participants
Ashford, Ted (is actor)
Zawierucha, Joe (is actor)
Ellicott, Mark (is actor)
Lagios, Maria (is actor)
Payne, Margaret (is actor)
Douglass, Jean (is actor)
Kasahara, Susumu (is actor)
Darda, Benton (is actor)
Broussard, George (is actor)
Peterson, Kent (is participant)
Lowenstein, Michael (is participant)
Mason, John (is participant)
Zeeko, Dave (is participant)
Scher, Dorothy (is participant)
Related Place
Chicago (production location of)