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War Film

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Film Identifier: F.2004-02-0094
Run Time
0h 13m 53s
Date Produced
Footage of a combat zone, the landscape barren and repeatedly torn apart by explosions. Includes various army vehicles in action, with tanks and fighter jets discharging their weapons. There are numerous takes, with some footage repeating. The filmmaker and particulars behind this film are unknown.
00:09 - Tanks rolling past the camera in MS and CU. 00:23 - Var. explosions and rockets launching in LS and CU. 00:57 - Montage of quick takes. LS of fighter jets in the sky followed by more explosions and tanks rolling across a smoking landscape. Occasional CU of a soldier. 02:09 - ZOOM OUT and PAN as helicopters fly past in LS. Generals are in the foreground watching. A vast landscape with a river is visible. Var. footage of helicopters follows, including a CU on a gunner and soldiers jumping out of a helicopter hovering near the ground. TS HA over a field with helicopters, their blades spinning. 02:49 - VS tank and canon scenes similar to earlier but with more soldiers present. Soldiers in MS firing weapons. 04:22-04:53 - MS following a helicopter. Nice CU of a gunner in a fighter jet and the weapons firing, followed by explosions across a field in LS. Var. explosions and weapons firing. 05:06-06:40 - Var. MS, LS of tanks rolling across a field filled with explosions. PAN field. Includes a few shots of soldiers running in a group and firing their guns. 06:53 - LS, MS of explosions and tanks similar to previous footage. Ends with tanks rolling out of water in MS and LS, followed by a group of men looking over the railing of a boat. Fade out. 07:34 - Closer footage of the tanks. Var. PAN of tanks rolling in a line and MCU of camoflaged tanks as they roll past with soldiers visible. LS of tanks crossing a small bridge and what looks like an explosion before it cuts away. 08:58 - Other army vehicles roll past, the tops out of frame. Quick shot of a group of men in uniform taking notes, PAN to a large map. This is followed by a montage of more explosions and rockets firing. Some details include a PAN of the landscape and a fighter jet dropping bombs in MLS. 12:01-14:16 - RA of a tank as soldiers exit in MS. Repeats of highlighted earlier footage of helicopters and jet gunner with var. tanks, explosions and soldiers in the field. LS of soldiers running across a field, shooting, ZOOM OUT. End with two ships firing at each other at sea.