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Medical Update: Panic Disorder

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Film Identifier: F.2004-02-0027
Run Time
0h 24m 7s
Date Produced
Sponsored film for Upjohn Labs discussing panic disorder, and promoting Upjohn’s medications for the disorder. Three internationally renowned clinicians meet in France to discuss panic disorder. Through talking head interviews and situational reenactments, The symptoms, etiology, and treatment of panic disorder, are explained through talking head interviews and situational reenactments.
00:08 - Narrator introduces three internationally renowned clinicians meeting in France to discuss panic disorder, men wearing suits walk outside in courtyard of stone chateau 01:12 - Montage stylized quick shots, camera follows woman through train station, onto bustling train, VO woman says she feels like people are closing in on her, too much noise, feels dizzy, heart racing, high temperature, feels faint, crazy, needs to get out of here, she leaves the station PANIC DISORDER 03:45 - MS ZOOM IN and OUT Dr. Katschnig on platform, talks to camera about the symptoms, narrator translates 05:51 - handheld moving quickly across people boarding airplane, moving through crowds, PAN of high bridge of moving cars 06:17 - Dr. Katschnig discusses topics intercut with stylized reenactments of situational examples 06:32 - list of symptoms of panic attacks 07:24 - woman driving in shopping center parking lot, narrator discusses “phobic avoidance” 08:29 - camera moving quickly through crowd, panicky movements RECOGNIZING PANIC DISORDER 09:01 -Dr. Boulenger discusses topic intercut with stylized reenactments of situational examples , narrator translates French to English 10:29 -list of symptoms of panic attacks, FA Ambulance rushing to hospital, TILT UP hospital building, Var interior woman patient in hospital, with doctor 12:46 - MS SA agoraphobic woman closing curtain of house, looking out window 13:38 - MS woman opening window, panicking 14:18 - MS woman lying on psychiatrist’s chair, doctor taking notes 15:15 - MS ZOOM woman crying, wiping tears, laying on bed ETIOLOGY OF PANIC DISORDER 15:59 - Dr. Ballenger exterior chateau discusses topics 16:22 - animated diagram of physical symptoms of panic attack on brain 17:19 - Var shots interior doctor’s office, woman getting checkup by doctor and nurse 17:51 - diagram of brain symmetry [?] PATIENT OF PANIC DISORDER 18:20 - doctors discussing topics, intercut reenactments 19:06 - chart of treatment of panic disorder 19:31 - Var MS, ZOOM CU Dr. Boulenger in office talking with patient about symptoms 20:32 - woman imagining full train station, revisits empty station “exposure therapy” 23:24 - MLS TS FA doctors walking lawn of chateau 23:51-24:07 - Upjohn advertises medical programs in credits
Main Credit
Upjohn Labs (corporate name)
Leib, Jack (is producer)
Additional Credit
Leib, Jack (is contributor)
Lieb, Warren (is cinematographer)
Actors, Performers and Participants
Katschnig, Heinz (is commentator)
Boulenger, Jean-Phillippe (is commentator)
Ballenger, James C. (is commentator)
Related Place
Europe (production location of)