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Common Mistakes in Filming

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Film Identifier: F.2005-01-0211
Run Time
0h 7m 17s
Date Produced
circa 1939
Excerpts of an instructional film on shooting and editing motion picture films. Common mistakes are described with title cards intercut with examples of people shooting film along with common image results produced when using the described techniques.
00:00 - Introduction, “Exposure,” over- and underexposed scenes at park intercut w/ CU camera settings, lenses, CU using light meter with camera 01:23 - MS blurry scenes of people on crowded sidewalk, re-shot correctly at different angle 01:42 - “Unsteady Scenes,” SA CU man holding camera, LS shaky landscape, MS men supporting camera, SA man lowering camera before scene ends, then doing it correctly, show footage of child shot from both, CU man putting camera on tripod, shooting panoram too quickly, then at correct speed, show footage of landscape from both 02:55 - “Incorrect Length of Scene,” examples of action scenes cut too short, non-action scenes cut too long, then at correct time, using shot timing to enhance mood, filming a conversation, smooth transitions from LS - MS- CU 06:25 - Clean film after editing, CU cleaning fluid bottle, CU hand w/ cloth cleaning film on rewind table, CU storing in dust proof can w/ appropriate labels, ends abruptly
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United States (production location of)