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Film Identifier: F.2005-01-0162
Run Time
0h 12m 58s
Date Produced
Black & white home movie of a trailer trip vacation through South Dakota and Wyoming with footage of historic sites in national parks. There is footage of the Badlands of South Dakota, Mount Rushmore, and Yellowstone National Park sites like Yellowstone River, Mammoth Hot Springs, Inspiration Point, Apollinaris Springs, erupting Old Faithful and bears interacting with tourists. Opening title cards read “Fritz’s Photologue of a ten month’s trailer trip-through the U.S. and Mexico.”
00:00 - hand-drawn credits, PAN canyons, TS hood of car on canyon road 00:44 - “The Badlands of South Dakota,” handheld PANs of canyons and rock formations, cars driving by, VS people climbing rocks, admiring view, TS canyon 02:33 - Black Hills, Rushmore Memorial, VS Mount Rushmore under construction, onlookers, LS road, mountain landscape 03:28 - TILT UP arch entrance, CU sign “Yellowstone National Park”, MLS black bear in tree, MLS tourists taking picks, VS bear running away, digging in trash can, VS mountain landscapes 04:42 - Mammoth Hot Springs, VS sand and water moving over rocks, HA Yellowstone River in canyon, CU chipmunk, LS waterfall 05:57 - Inspiration Point, HA people walking down stairs into canyon, HA following river up to horizon, MS taking pictures of LS waterfall, Apollinaris Springs, MS couple filling cups and drinking spring water 07:00 - VS bubbling, steaming geysers, tourists watching, HA cars, trailers on road w/ rapids in background 08:19-09:36 - MLS grizzly bears digging in trash cans, climbing on tourists, MLS PAN groups of tourists watching Old Faithful, LS geyser erupting
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