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News Parade 1939

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Film Identifier: F.2005-01-0156
Run Time
0h 9m 38s
Date Produced
The News Parade of the Year 1939 is a documentary film made in the U.S. directed by Eugene W. Castle. News Parade is composed of newsreel footage and includes narrated archive footage of ceremonies, natural disasters, war and politics from around the world.
00:00 - title, Spain's civil war ends, Barcelona, VS troops marching and tanks in parade, MLS people boarding Pan American Airways plane in water, plane takes off across Atlantic, MS pilot, MLS plane in air, clouds, interior MS passengers dining, playing cards, MLS plane landing in water 01:32 - HA crowded train platform, MS King George and Queen Elizabeth exiting train, HA horse carriage driving them back to Buckingham Palace, VS crowds, MS King and Queen waving 02:08 - Bastille Day, HA France, fountains and Eiffel Tower with crowds, VS parade, British and North African troops march and ride horses in parade around Arch de Triomphe 02:57 - aerial earthquake rift in landscape of Chile, VS people searching for survivors in rubble 03:42 - VS Navy ships rescuing men from a flooding submarine, survivors on deck of ship in blankets, MLS submarine being pulled to the surface 04:55 - Tientsin foreign settlement, VS riots in Japan 05:32 - MS floods in China, people walking, swimming, riding bikes and horse through high flood waters 06:05 - Montreal love parade marries 125 couples, VS crowds watching as priest marry couples 06:35 - Germany invades Poland WWII, aerial bomb smoke from landscape and buildings, MLS Polish in ruined streets, Great Britain and France declare war on Germany, CU barrel of tank, VS soldiers in tunnel, MS cannons firing, MLS transporting soldiers on ship, VS ships in water shooting canons 07:39 - Chicago aerials grain elevators on fire, fireman fight fire, buildings exploding and collapsing 08:24-09:38 - MLS warships riding through high waves around Cape Horn, overcome by waves, THE END
Additional Credit
Castle, Eugene W. (is editor)
Castle Films (is contributor)
United World Films, inc. (is contributor)
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