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Adventure Parade: Lion-Tiger Fight!

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Film Identifier: F.2005-01-0146
Run Time
0h 11m 7s
Date Produced
The Castle Films crew accompanies a Rajah on a large scale tiger hunt in India. Departing on elephants, the hunters plow through the jungle and corner a lion and tiger in a pit, where the cats fight.
00:01 - Titles; Castle Films- The Adventure Parade- Lion-Tiger Fight! A Rajah sponsored tiger hunt departs from the royal stable. People on elephant-back in the courtyard and at the edge of the forest. MS, LS of groups, elephants traveling in a line. 01:30 - TS of small village. MCU PAN of native men (referred to as “Crows”) who act as beaters in the hunt, CU of individuals. MCU of women and CU of their gold jewelry. 02:40 - MLS and LS of elephants traveling in a line and in groups, closing in as a circle; across a river, in a grass field and breaking down small trees. Intercut with footage of two tigers in MS. Tiger charges the cameraman and is shot. The circle closes in on a pit and three men set off on foot, camera records their progress to the pit. 05:33-09:38 - Tiger and lion caught in the large pit. They fight in HA, MLS and MS. The cats occasionally come near another camera situated in the pit. Intercut with MCU reaction shots of three men at the top of the pit. The beaten tiger is hoisted out of the pit, CU of a clearly different lion drinking from a small puddle.
Castle Films
Main Credits
Castle Films (is production company)
Additional Credit
Castle, Eugene W. (is editor)
Castle Films (is contributor)
Related Place
India (production location of)