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Shortest Way Home

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Film Identifier: F.2005-01-0067
Run Time
0h 36m 7s
Date Produced
circa 1951
A Wilding Picture Productions film used to promote travel by Greyhound bus, using one soldier’s travels to highlight great cities, historic sites, and tourist attractions across America as he follows his war nurse all over the country to confess his love.
00:00 - opening credits 00:44 - HA plane flying over the mountains, FSA landing 01:14 - wounded soldier flirts with nurse, cut to soldier at home in Wisconsin having trouble adjusting, kept pics of nurse and war buddies, dad helps him plan a trip to visit his war friends scattered across the U.S. to cheer him up 04:45 - dad sees him off, trip starts on a Chicago Greyhound bus, he talks to the woman next to him about the perks of bus travel, they sight see out the window and give facts about the places they pass 06:20 - Native Americans in small boats knock wild rice growing in the water to collect in their boat 06:37 - VS Mackinac Island, MI, fort, trading post, horse and buggies, SA “longest porch in the world” 07:38 - VS Detroit, General Motors automobile factory, Greenfield Village houses in this historic neighborhood 08:54 - MLS Greyhound station, bus pulling out of garage 09:30 - VS Cincinnati, OH, boat on Ohio River, cityscape in background 10:15 - Kentucky, PAN fenced bluegrass field of horses, “horse capital,” ranch, people walking with racehorse, horses running on track, statue at horse graveyard 11:39 - VS Greyhound bus passing through Pennsylvania turnpike, bus POV through tunnels in mountains 13:54 - VS New England, Plymouth Rock, Faneuil Hall, Boston Harbor (Boston Tea Party locations), Paul Revere home and historical sites, Boston Commons park filled with people 16:03 - soldier hears nurse is in VS Williamsburg, VA Bruton Parish Church, Governor’s Palace, jail and pillory, trip becomes a search for the nurse when he finds he is a few steps behind her on the trip 17:28 - VS Greyhound bus boarding, interior, on the road, soldier sees the nurse leaving Williamsburg on another Greyhound bus at a station, he switches buses to catch up with her 19:10 - VS Smokey Mountains, people living and working in Appalachian towns 20:48 - VS Pee Dee River, FA people singing “Way Down Upon the Pee Dee (Swanee) River” on bus 21:37 - VS Miami, FL ocean, cityscape, Box Singing Tower in Lake Wales 22:47 - VS Native Americans Seminole Tribe of Florida in huts, sewing garments, fishing in boat with spears 23:41 - VS Memphis, TN downtown streets, TS shops, Forrest Park 24:42 - VS New Orleans, LA wrought iron gate, girl on balcony, Jackson Square, St. Louis Cathedral, Cabildo Museum, Napoleon House, Pirate’s Alley 25:55 - VS Houston, TX - cowboys herding cattle in desert, nurse is here while soldier heads to California 28:04 - VS Los Angeles, CA, TS Chinese Theater, Radio City, Earl Carroll Theatre, Wilshire Brown Derby in Hollywood 28:55 - San Francisco, HA Bay, cityscape, bridges, Twin Peaks, University Campus, Missions, Chinatown 30:38 - VS Yellowstone National Park, geyser, hot springs, mud volcano, Yellowstone Canyon, waterfall, Petrified Forest, deer and elk in wildlife preserve, bird sanctuary, fly fisherman, people riding horseback 33:50 - Salt Lake City, Sea Gull Monument, soldier is about to give up and go home, they cross paths before he leaves 36:00 - soldier and nurse return home to Sauk Center together, TS driving through mountains, THE END
Main Credit
Wilding Picture Productions (is production company)
Greyhound Lines (corporate name)
Additional Credit
Greyhound Lines (is contributor)
Rosencrans, Leo (is writer)
Wilding Picture Productions (is contributor)
Actors, Performers and Participants
Fraser, Richard (is actor)
Gray, Beatrice (is actor)
Vogan, Emmett (is actor)
Kellogg, Bruce (is actor)
Allen, Joel (is actor)
Murphy, Bill “Red” (is actor)
Slater, Lee (is actor)
Related Place
United States (production location of)