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News Parade 1947, 1948, 1949, 1950

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Film Identifier: F.2005-01-0060
Run Time
0h 34m 9s
Date Produced
1947 - 1950
The News Parade of the Years 1947-1950 are documentary films made in the U.S. directed by Eugene W. Castle. News Parade is composed of newsreel footage and includes narrated archive footage of ceremonies, natural disasters, war and politics from around the world.
News Parade 1947 00:14 - VS Zulu warriors perfor welcoming demonstration for British Royalty 00:55 - HA South Korean riots, MS police containing crowds 01:22 - VS injured Palestinians bandaged and on stretchers, MLS people exiting damaged ship, train knocked off tracks 02:05 - U.S. President Truman’s Good Will Visits, MS, LS, in Mexico City, costume festival, in Iowa addressing Parliament, riding in car in Rio De Janeiro parade, soldiers marching, boat with American flag 03:48 - Bill Odom breaks his old record flying around the world, map of route, VS plane in flight and on landing breaks 04:34 - MLS floods in Warsaw, rushing river of ice destroying railway bridge, MLS hurricane, blowing palm trees, boats in water, waves crash into shore 05:40 - VS young Queen Elizabeth on horseback at Guard Mount Parade, Elizabeth and Lieutenant Philip wave to crowds from Buckingham Palace balcony 06:29 - New York Yankees vs. Brooklyn Dodgers, MLS baseball game highlights, crowds, stadium 07:53 - French freighter explodes in Texas City, LS blazing inferno of fire and black smoke a mile high, VS people dig bodies out of rubble, Red Cross workers give aid to victims 08:43 - News Parade 1948 08:49 - aerial shots Columbia River flood, MS cows in a rowboat,HA house floating down river, people stack sandbags, VS raging hurricane in Key West 09:51 - MLS Holland’s Queen Wilhelmina with Princess Juliana, waves to crowds from balcony, VS formal procession, MS, HA royal carriage led by horses 10:37 - VS American planes and soldiers delivering food to Berlin during Russian blockade, LS crowds, violence breaking out 11:28 - VS Communist coal strike against French, miners throwing rocks, Reserves throw tear gas, MS bloody beaten man 12:03 - MS Women soldiers of Israeli Army in Palestine lined up for review, VS digging bodies out of rubble in Jerusalem, United Nations workers wave white flag 12:58 - HA riot scene, burning buildings and cars, MS man w/ injured child, rubble 13:33 - land plane taking off, landing, “parasite” jet plane released from belly of passenger plane for in-flight take off, line of planes taking off, mass drop of paratroopers fall from planes, jet air show 15:38 - 1948 Presidential campaign rally, Gov. Dewey vs. President Truman, VS Truman and family cast their ballots, MLS Capitol Building 17:14 - News Parade 1949 17:20 - excursion steamer ship S.S. Noronic destroyed by fire, firemen dig for bodies in rubble, interview of survivors 18:15 - VS Berlin’s blockade ended, trains, trucks, and food being brought in 18:50 - US bomber plane flies around world, MLS fueling in air, CU pilot 20:02 - Chinese Nationalist soldiers execute Communist sympathizers in the streets during a riot, MLS battered war ship, Americans and British leaving China, “open door” is shut 21:14 - VS Philadelphia American Legion Parade 21:45 - HA crowd in Vatican City, Pope’s 50th anniversary, MS Pope blessing children 22:07 - MS world leader’s signing North Atlantic Treaty, Pres. Truman giving speech 23:00 - aerial earthquake destruction in Ecuador, MLS buildings collapsing, helping injured, carrying dead 24:04 - Mexican volcano erupting 24:47 - VS Indianapolis 500 car race, fiery crashes 25:40 - News Parade 1950 25:48 - CU Joseph Stalin, aerial, MS Communist march, riots, beatings in Tokyo, Berlin Communist parade 27:31 - bardges explode damaging homes in small town, ambulance, injured, aerials Hawaiian volcano erupting, lava flows, Winnepeg flood, VS rescuing flood victims 28:58 - rocket taking off, rocket POV shots of earth in motion 29:27 - aerial St. Peter’s square filled with people, Pope canonizes Maria Goretti, MLS her remains in glass casket 29:56-34:09 - Korean War, battle on the water, battleship firing rounds, marines boarding landing craft, boats fire at each other, marines on beach, Gen. MacArthur visits to see the battle won, aerial Korean war zone, rockets fired from plane, battleship Missouri firing bombs, MS President Truman and Gen. MacArthur shake hands at press release, interior plane w/ MacArthur, paratroopers jumping, MLS burning villages, Korean prisoners marching
Additional Credits
Castle, Eugene W. (is editor)
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