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Cuba: Zoo

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Film Identifier: F.2005-01-0043
Run Time
0h 29m 26s
Date Produced
Unedited film of Havana, Cuba. Footage includes the zoo, beaches, Capitol building, urban and rural landscapes and people, wildlife like dolphins, stingrays and sea turtles, and CU of exotic flowers. Shot by Metro Movie Club member Ed Diller.
00:00 - handheld VS flamingos in a pond 01:40 - MS women sitting looking through a fence 02:02 - MS alligator with mouth open 02:07 - CU bright red/yellow exotic flower 02:19 - VS statue of deer, PAN LEFT highway 02:51 - sign “Zoologico”, LS Roman revival buildings, cars passing 03:21 - VS PANNING busy upscale dining patio, men give announcement over microphone, men hold flag “Club de Leones” 06:05 - PAN MLS beach in front of resort, MLS resort swimming pool with palm trees 06:36 - CU bright pink flowers 06:49 - MS diving board with sign “Varadero” 06:57 - VLS PAN Varedero International building 07:25 - CU bright exotic flowers 07:55 - HA cars parked, driving on street, TILT up cityscape 08:36 - HA flower stand, people walking on sidewalk, sitting on a bench 09:10 - LS Capitol Building, cityscape 09:37 - night, VS building lit with yellow lights contouring architecture 10:17 - VS people walking on sidewalks, cars parked, Asian outdoor market 11:46 - VS park with large pond and many trees and flowers, families play in the park 13:14 - older man, demonstrating opening a small door that appears to lead to a jail cell 13:36 - VMS people walking on busy sidewalk, shops in background, cityscape behind them 16:12 - VS field of pineapple plant, CU pineapple 16:43 - man demonstrates climbing to top of a coconut tree using ropes as stirrups for his feet 18:14 - MS cock fight, man steps in and holds the winner in the air 19:20 - VS farmers plowing field, plow pulled by cows 20:41 - plane window POV clouds and blue sky, interior passengers on plane 21:22 - pier POV dolphins, sea turtles, sting ray swimming in green water below, CU lifeguard stand “theater of the sea” 23:59 - SA man holds fish from platform high in the air, dolphin jumps from water an takes the fish 24:16 - HA beach filled with people on lounge chairs with umbrellas, HA swimming pool, MLS families playing in sun 25:06 - PAN countryside vegetation, marsh, palm trees, CU grain 25:49 - PAN rural Havana dirt road in between fields, farmers on horseback, MCU palm tree, MS men walking dirt road carrying bundles of fish on hooks 26:29 - PAN mountainside, green vegetation, exotic flowers, rounded down low mountains 27:48-29:26 - LS city building with American flag, CU American flag blowing in wind, man walks towards camera balancing a large basket of flowers on his head, garden POV cityscape
Main Credits
Diller, Ed (is filmmaker)
Related Place
Havana (production location of)