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Cuba: Camaguey

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Film Identifier: F.2005-01-0042
Run Time
0h 33m 55s
Date Produced
Unedited footage of Camaguey province of Cuba. Includes views of a graveyard, crowded streets, and local people before moving to scenes of the ocean. Shot by Metro Movie Club member Ed Diller.
00:00 - ES; sign reading Camaguey and a brief view of traffic on a street. Extensive LS footage in a graveyard, with CU on gravestones and details of mausoleums, people at work and visiting. 06:55 - VS of residents and two different vendors selling bananas out of carts. PAN and still of cloisters and other buildings of a monastary. LS on a busy street. 10:52 - HA view of a street corner as pedestrians go about their day. 15:34 - MLS banana trees and a man walking among them, CU of bananas. LS and CU memorial dedicated to freedom fighters. PAN and VS in a park and on a street; groups of men relaxing and talking, some wearing white suits and panama hats, var. pedestrians. 20:42 - MS and CU small children and their father in a rural area. LS and CU of flowering tree. Overexposed MS and LS of a statue of a man with an American flag in the background. VS at the grounds of the memorial (seen earlier in CU), populated with canons and statues. 24:53 - Var. LS down a sidestreet with a large staircase at the end. 26:16-33:55 - Var. panoramic ELS of the horizon, some taken from an overlook with tourists in frame. Closer views of the landscape, green scenery. VS grounds of a hotel/resort, exterior and interior. Intercut with VS of the coastline, PAN and still. Var. TS from a car.
Main Credits
Diller, Ed (is filmmaker)
Related Place
Camaguey (production location of)