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Film About Filmmaking

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Film Identifier: F.2005-01-0040
Run Time
0h 18m 3s
Date Produced
An International Film Bureau production about a small film crew creating their film from the original idea to editing. Also shows the finished result, which is a short film about a young guitarist arriving on Maxwell Street in Chicago.
00:00 - A man approaches a street performer, camera PAN to a film crew, revealing that they are actors. Voice over explains the process of making a film, illustrating the people involved and the steps of filmmaking using footage of the crew as they work and bits of the finished film’s footage. 03:44 - In a living room the crew looks at the script, inspects the camera, tripod and light meter and then go out to their location. The next day they begin shooting, the narrator explaining organization of shots and duties of the cameraman and script girl. 08:05 - In an editing room, CU on the equipment. Illustrates the idea of match cuts, continuity problems and cut aways. 10:13 - The finished film. A young guitarist wanders around Maxwell street, listening to musicians. He sets himself up and plays, receiving a quarter as payment which he later gives to a little girl. Extensive footage of Maxwell Street market, with MS and CU of vendors, goods, musicians and people going about their everday lives on a busy day. Full credits follow.
Main Credits
Cheharbakhshi, Henry (is director)
Additional Credit
Cheharbakhshi, Henry (is contributor)
Cheharbakhshi, Henry (is writer)
Cheharbakhshi, Henry (is editor)
International Film Bureau (is contributor)
Krojh, Daniel (is cinematographer)
Actors, Performers and Participants
Davenport, John (is actor)
Tehrani, Hassan (is actor)
Novosel, Johnnie (is actor)
Checarbakhshi, Agnes (is actor)
Alexander, Atheana (is actor)
Cheharbakhshi, Henry (is actor)
Krojh, Daniel (is narrator)
Related Place
United States (production location of)