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Tackle Is a Girl’s Best Friend

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Film Identifier: F.2006-06-0003
Run Time
0h 12m 2s
Date Produced
Amateur film featuring African-American high school students funded by the War on Poverty Project. A football game between a team of boys and a team of girls becomes a battle of the sexes humorously upending gender roles and expectations. The women often score touchdowns by relying on and reinforcing gender stereotypes (women as the weaker sex, relying on the kindness and help of a man’s gentlemanly instincts, etc.) rather than a true meeting and contest of equals.
00:00 - Titles handwritten with marker, VS campus, students walking past camera, teams of boys exercising on football field 02:04 - students entering bleachers cheering, team of girls run onto field to warm up 03:37 - Male team leader notices female team, MS Boys fall down laughing, MS crowd singing and clapping 04:17 - Football game begins, boys vs. girls, girls score by flirting, using their charm, acting hurt 07:45 - CU Sign “Half Time Show” LS White man tap dancing in front of Church MS Crowd singing and clapping 08:29 - Live stop animation of 2 couples dancing in front of building 08:58 - Teams warm up, teams and crowd get pumped 09:46-12:02 - Play resumes on field, girl throws incredibly long passes for touchdowns, supernatural abilities, continue to score, girls win 42 to 0, Title “The End”
Main Credit
The War on Poverty Project (corporate name)
Kuttner, Peter (is filmmaker)
Additional Credit
Kuttner, Peter (is contributor)
the Pre-College Film Wokshop, Presented (is contributor)
Actors, Performers and Participants
Bealieu, Cheryl (is actor)
Edwards, Fred (is actor)
Jourdan, Shirley (is actor)
Morris, Theresa (is actor)
Pellerin, Michael (is actor)
Smith, Gregory (is actor)
Sudds, Ruth (is actor)
Related Place
New Orleans (represents)