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1943-45: Travel 1—Local Lakes

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Run Time
0h 13m 54s
color and B&W
Date Produced
1943 - 1945
Home movie of family travel and leisure, mostly around Wisconsin.

Begins with a home-made title card reading "Travel Film Part 1" with an image of a ship, followed by title card reading “Milwaukee 1943.” B&W footage shot out of a car window: Mader's Famous Restaurant, Schlitz building, cars on streets and bridge over river, waves on Lake Michigan, kids on ball field, expensive homes.

Title card reading “Deep Lake, Ill 1943.” Color footage of a hammock blowing in the wind, a man on a dock. Mary, young Karin, and others on lawn. Mary and Karin Wagenknecht playing ring-around-the-rosy.

Title card reading “Pelican Lake, Wis 1945.” Color footage of silhouettes in front of window with lake behind. Path, dirt road, flora, trees, picking wild raspberries. Otto Wagenknecht and unknown man in small boat showing string of fish caught. Mary, Otto, others on dock and swimming.

Title card reading “Kraftwood Gardens 1945.” Color footage of Kraftwood signs, various flowers and views of the garden. A sign reds "Kraftwood Gardens - Elcho, Wis. - 6 acres of planting contains the largest variety of flowers and shrubs of any garden in the U.S." Shot of a totem pole and "Oriental Bridge." Three women, including Mary, explore the cactus garden.

Title card reading “Big Cedar Lake, Wis Stulls 1945.” Color footage of Mary and another woman sunbathing. Karin in innertube on lake, then climbing stairs from dock. Unknown man with cigar. Sailboats on lake.

Preservation Sponsor
Laurel Cox
Main Credits
Wagenknecht, Otto E. (is filmmaker)
Actors, Performers and Participants
Wagenknect, Mary Theml (is participant)
Cox, Karin (is participant)
Wagenknecht, Otto E. (is participant)
Related Places
Milwaukee (depicts)
Lake Villa (depicts)
Pelican Lake (depicts)
Elcho (depicts)
West Bend (depicts)