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Filmmaker, The

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Run Time
0h 17m 56s
Date Produced
Documentary film made about Chicago independent filmmaker Tom Palazzolo for the United States Information Agency.
Over footage from Tom Palazzolo's 1967 film O, voiceover narration explains, "Experimenting with collages of sounds, lights, colors, and expanded horizons of patterns and shapes, the experimental filmmakers of the New American Cinema evoke enormous emotional responses from a new generation of film audiences." Zina Bethune's voiceover proceeds to describe the funding models and production methods of contemporary American independent filmmakers, accompanied by footage of Palazzolo shooting a Bolex camera on a boat in Provincetown, MA, seated next to wife Marcia.

After a brief stop at frequent collaborator Bernie Beckman's studio, the camera then follows Palazzolo down a Chicago alleyway. He photographs various people around the city while describing his artistic motivations and filmmaking process over voiceover. We then see Palazzolo in his studio, painting an image based on one of his photographs. Palazzolo then introduces his film before a screening at a community center, which is followed by an excerpt from the film. Palazzolo is then seen walking around a crowded downtown Chicago with his 16mm camera as the credits roll.

The year before The Filmmaker was made, the United States Information Agency had asked Palazzolo to serve as a representitive of American independent filmmaking abroad. During a three month tour of the Middle East, Ceylon, India, and Turkey, Palazzolo screened his 16mm films for local audiences. This film was made upon Palazzolo's return, and was then shown in the Middle East. The film was directed by Barbara Hussie, one of the first female writers, directors or producers at the USIA.
Main Credit
United States Information Agency (corporate name)
Hussie, Barbara (is director)
Hussie, Barbara (is producer)
Additional Credit
Hussie, Barbara (is writer)
Spielvogel, Bert (is cinematographer)
Actors, Performers and Participants
Palazzolo, Tom (is participant)
Bethune, Zina (is narrator)
Beckman, Bernard (is participant)
Palazzolo, Marcia (is participant)
Related Places
Chicago (depicts)
Provincetown (depicts)