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1966-1972: New House - Stan Basketball - Sharon Ducks - Sharon + Sandy - Girl Scouts - Marcia Jumping Rope - Sharon White Mice - St. Louis Musial Ded. - Xmas - Florida - Lake

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Film Identifier: F.2018-03-0075
Run Time
0h 17m 47s
Date Produced
1966 - 1972
Home movie documenting various family scenes and vacations. Includes children playing in the yard of the family home; brief footage of a community parade featuring Boy Scout and Girl Scout troops; a visit to Milwaukee's Mitchell Park Domes; a trip to St. Louis featuring a Cardinals baseball game and the dedication ceremony for a statue memorializing Stan Musial; horseback riding; beach scenes from a trip to Florida; and a family Christmas celebration. 
Main Credits
Stevens, Charles (is filmmaker)
Related Places
St. Louis (production location of)
Florida (production location of)
Villa Park (production location of)
Milwaukee (production location of)