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His Royal Slyness

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Film Identifier: F.2005-01-0026
Run Time
0h 19m 46s
Date Produced
Silent B&W comedy set to musical score starring Harold Lloyd and Mildred Davis. An American book salesman (Lloyd) is persuaded to go to the kingdom of Thermosa to impersonate the Prince. He is greeted by a peasants' revolt before the real prince shows up to claim his throne and princess. The revolution succeeds and the American is elected president of the new republic.
00:00 - credits, Prince of Razzamatazz must claim his Princess against rival Prince Roquefort and take the throne, he wishes to stay with Verona Vermuth who is teaching him American culture, with whom he fell in love, so persuades look-alike American book salesman Lloyd to take his place, Lloyd accepts, Prince explains to Verona he will lose his allowance but they will be happy, she chases him out of the room angrily 06:06 - Introduce Prince Roquefort, who likes to drink and party, Princess Florelle makes grand entrance and sits with Prince Roquefort and his party, she declines drink and leaves without him noticing 08:14 - meanwhile, common people begin a revolt over court scandals, Lloyd rides up in the middle of the crowd, the angry crowd chases him around town 10:24 - Princess tires of nobility and dresses in simple garb to walk among the kind hearted peasantry, princess is in danger and Lloyd comes to her aid, he is scurried away to the palace by his bodyguard, Princess is in love 11:15 - Lloyd is introduced to the party and Prince Roquefort who laugh at him, Lloyd knocks the drunk prince over and begins taking phone numbers of all the lovely ladies at the castle, the bodyguard gives him proper attire but continues to act inappropriately 14:20 - Lloyd is introduced to King and Queen, he shmoozes them and tries to get the Queen’s number, Princess walks in and he recognizes her as the peasant, they kiss and flirt 16:23 - Princess chooses Lloyd as her husband despite the King’s wishes 16:46 - the real Prince arrives just as the peasants are planning to revolt, they chase him into the castle and set up a cannon aimed at the castle camouflaged under branches, Lloyd thrown out, peasants declare he who fires the cannon will be President, Lloyd sits on cannon and strikes match to light cigarette, fuse is lit and cannon fires into the castle, peasants storm castle 18:14-19:46 - Lloyd protects the Princess and saves the King and Queen, Princess sticks around to be his First Lady, the end
Main Credit
Roach, Hal (is director)
Roach, Hal (is producer)
Actors, Performers and Participants
Lloyd, Harold (is actor)
Davis, Mildred (is actor)
Pllard, Harry (is actor)
Leonard, Gus (is actor)
Young, Noah (is actor)
Related Place
United States (production location of)