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[1929, 1951: Heidkamp Home Movie Canister C]

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Run Time
0h 8m 10s
color and B&W
Date Produced
1929 - 1951
Two separate Heidkamp home movies, one from 1929 and one from 1951, both shot in the Chicago area.
The first film is from 1929 and depicts the children of Herbert & Mary (Toner) Heidkamp: Herb Jr., Rosemary, Mary Lou, Robert, and Francis (Frank) in various locations including the Field Museum in Chicago; Gary, Indiana; Michigan dunes; Lincoln Park Conservatory; and at the Chicago lakefront, possibly Lincoln Park Lagoon and Diversey Harbor. The film ends with a picnic in the woods, where the family plays games.

The film was shot on Kodacolor film stock, a lenticular (additive) color system that requires a special lens to be viewed in color. The film base was embossed along the length of the film with microscopic lenticular bands, giving it a striped appearance when viewed this way.

At 5:23, the film switches to a second film from winter 1951. A car pulls into a driveway at 2609 Windsor Avenue in Chicago. Herb & Mary T. Heidkamp pour out the front door to greet the visitors: their daughter Mary Lou with her husband Joe McCall, baby son Joey, and mother-in-law Mournie McCall. A second car drives up, carrying the Heidkamp's daughter Rosemary with her husband Jack Cramer and young children Mary Kay, John, and Betty. The whole family poses for a shot on the front stairs, waving to Herbert behind the camera.
Main Credits
Heidkamp, Herbert A. (is filmmaker)
Related Place
Chicago (depicts)