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[1929 Aug, 1950 Jun: Heidkamp Home Movie Canister B]

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Run Time
0h 8m 46s
color and B&W
Date Produced
1929 - 1950
Two separate Heidkamp home movies, one of Niagara Falls from June 1950 and one of downtown Chicago from August 1929.
The first film is from June 1950, as the Heidkamp family visits Niagara Falls and then attends the Merchant Marine Academy Commencement of Frank Heidkamp. Frank's parents Herbert & Mary, sisters Marjorie & Rosemary, niece Mary Kay Cramer and nephew John Cramer are present.

The second film is from 28 August 1929, capturing the Graf Zeppelin flying over Chicago the day before completing the first-ever global circumnavigation by air. Footage shot from Grant Park with shots of the Wrigley Building, and Mary T. Heidkamp with children Herb Jr., Rosemary, Mary Lou, Robert, and baby Francis (Frank).
Main Credits
Heidkamp, Herbert A. (is filmmaker)
Related Places
Niagara Falls (depicts)
Chicago (depicts)