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1965: [Home Movies with Wellington Family]

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Film Identifier: F.2017-03-0020
Run Time
0h 4m 24s
Home movies of Mervin Jr. and LaVere’s family in Lake City, Iowa (home of Mervin Jr.’s in-laws, Floyd and Helen Curry Wellington) in a variety of domestic and recreational scenes: at home with a Christmas tree; oldest daughter Michèle (likely at age 17) paddling a boat, probably at the Wellington family cabin on Blackhawk Lake in Lake View, IA; members of the family, including Floyd and Helen, Harry and Virginia (Krall) Curry, and LaVere lounging outdoors in lawn chairs and hammocks; and Michèle playing with one of the family pugs. Harry Curry, seen in the lawn chair, was Helen’s much younger brother; although he was technically LaVere’s uncle, they were only a year apart in age and grew up together. Virginia (Krall) Curry, dressed in the red shirt, was his wife.

This film was found in a Walgreens box, with inside flap dated April '68, though the footage on the reel is more likely to date to 1965. Box was addressed from Floyd Wellington (father-in-law of Mervin Jr.) and therefore may not have been shot by Mervin Jr.
Actors, Performers and Participants
Wellington, Helen C. (is participant)
Wellington, Floyd (is participant)
LaRue, Michèle (is participant)
LaRue, I. LaVere (Wellington) (is participant)
Curry, Virginia (Krall) (is participant)
Curry, Harry (is participant)
Related Place
Lake City (production location of)