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Arrival Supermarket Architecture

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Film Identifier: F.2016-03-0004
Run Time
0h 8m 37s
Date Produced
circa 1967
Arrival Supermarket Architecture is a silent structuralist film that explores the facades of various architectural landmarks juxtaposed against the purely capitalist edifices ensconced within supermarkets.
A work print featuring footage of Chicago shot by Cook herself, spliced with what seems to be outs from another industrial or educational film. 

Starts with establishing shots of supermarket fronts, quickly followed by images of downtown Chicago at night with neon signs of theatres, shops, and hotels such as the Bismarck at 171 E. Randolph St. (which is now closed), and a few other sites on LaSalle St. 

The montage then features scenes of sunrise and sunset on the shores of Lake Michigan, the downtown landscape can be seen from a distance. The film shifts revealing the interior of a supermarket, awash in harsh fluorescent lighting - a sharp contrast to the warm, natural lighting seen in earlier exterior shots. The Lake Point Tower at 505 N. Lake Shore Dr. is then shown prominently, followed by shots of the skyscraper at 875 N. Michigan Ave. (formerly known as the John Hancock Center), and the Marina City Buildings at State. St. 

The film then cuts to what seems to be outtakes from other films, with footage of a lumber yard, a factory packaging foods such as bacon, tomatoes, peaches, and other sundry goods found in supermarkets, quickly intercut with another shot of downtown Chicago's neon signage gleaming in the night. 
Main Credits
Cook, Camille (is filmmaker)
Related Place
Chicago (represents)